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GE Industrial Solutions, recently acquired by the ABB Group, is a leading manufacturer of critical power, motor and lighting control and protection and distribution products. The GE Products catalogue comprises circuit breakers, contactors, starters, overload relays, panelboards and switchboards, surge protective devices, static transfer switches and data centre containers. These high-quality products are widely used in commercial marketplaces, data centres, and in healthcare, telecom, mining and oil and gas industries. GE's NEMA contactors are available in NEMA sizes ranging from 00 to 9 and in 1 pole, 2 pole, 3 pole and 4 pole options. Shop from a wide range of contactors, starters and other General Electric products, such as illuminated push buttons, thermal units, bus plugs and overload relays, on Raptor Supplies.

Audible Signaling Devices
  • Audible Signaling Devices
Panel-mount indoor buzzers with 80-decibel continuous sound output. Can operate at a voltage range of 40 to 120 VAC
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Auxiliary Contacts
  • Auxiliary Contacts
Normally open and normally closed contacts for use in relay logic circuits to switch ON / OFFa large amount of electrical power. Side, rear and front mount variants, for switching up to 600 VAC, available
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Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers
1- / 2- / 3-pole circuit breakers with a maximum interrupting capacity of 100 kAIC at 240 / 480 V. Designed to provide short-circuit and overload protection to electrical circuits
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Products (233)
Bus Plugs
  • Bus Plugs
Designed to connect to a busway to provide localised power distribution to electrical or electronic devices in an industry. Available in 240 / 480 / 600 V variants to provide current up to 200 A
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Products (88)
  • Caulks
Waterproof and weatherproof sealants used to seal glass, metal, wood, plastic and ceramic; dry in less than 30 minutes
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Circuit Breaker Accessories
  • Circuit Breaker Accessories
Includes auxiliary contacts, alarms, hand locks, lugs, shunt trips and other accessories for use with General Electric circuit breakers
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Circuit Breaker Enclosures
  • Circuit Breaker Enclosures
Flush- and surface-mount steel enclosures for circuit breakers for protection from electric shocks and sparks. Available in 2- and 3-pole variants to handle current flows up to 1200 A
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Products (42)
Combination Starters
  • Combination Starters
Feature a normally-open / normally-closed circuit design ideal for industrial motor and lighting control applications, as well as load / line protection. Available in different current and voltage ratings
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Contactor Accessories
  • Contactor Accessories
Includes link modules and plastic covers for use with General Electric contactors (CL03 and CL04)
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Control Stations
  • Control Stations
Pilot light, push button and selector switch control stations used to control high-power industrial machines, cranes and motors. Feature an auxiliary contact rating of 10 A at 600 VAC and available in steel and VALOX enclosure variants
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Electronic Ballasts
  • Electronic Ballasts
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Enclosed Power Outlets
  • Enclosed Power Outlets
Products (16)
Float Switches
  • Float Switches
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Hard Wired GFCI
  • Hard Wired GFCI
Products (2)
IEC Delay Timers
  • IEC Delay Timers
Products (8)
IEC Magnetic Contactors
  • IEC Magnetic Contactors
Products (198)
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