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Generac Power Systems designs and manufactures innovative power backup products. Its product catalogue incorporates liquid-cooled generators, transfer switches, portable generators and related accessories. Offered in 1- and 3-phase options, the liquid-cooled Generac generator can produce electric power of up to 150 KW, making it ideal for heavy industrial usage. The top Generac portable generator models are equipped with a 16-gal (approx. 60.6 L) fuel tank for uninterrupted power backup and a 992-cc engine to generate 17500 watts of electric power. Generac generators, such as automatic standby generators, are available in gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas fuel variants for applications in residential and commercial sectors.

Gas Pressure Washers
  • Gas Pressure Washers
Ideal for cleaning pools, ducts, drains, furniture, bricks, cars and trucks. Feature an axial cam pump powered by a 196 CC engine to deliver maximum water pressure and flow of 2500 psi and 2.4 gpm, respectively
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Generator Accessories
  • Generator Accessories
Includes 2-pole 25 A EcoGen Series conversion kits used to convert the generator's input from 120 V to 240 V and to maintain an output of 6 kW. Alarm panels, base plug kits, tank risers and auxiliary transfer switch contacts also available
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Generator Cold Weather Kits
  • Generator Cold Weather Kits
Designed to keep key generator components, such as air and oil filters, spark plugs, oil funnel and chamois, warm and working in cold environments. Generator battery warmers and engine block heaters also available
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Generator Maintenance Kits
  • Generator Maintenance Kits
Include an air and oil filters, a spark plug, an oil funnel, a chamois and a reminder sticker for keeping generators in optimum working condition
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Generator Transfer Switches- Automatic
  • Generator Transfer Switches- Automatic
NEMA 1 / 3R automatic transfer switches designed to automatically switch power supply from primary to backup source in case of power outage. Have maximum power and current rating of 60000 W and 800 A, respectively
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Generator Transfer Switches- Manual
  • Generator Transfer Switches- Manual
Designed for use with generators starting at 5kW with a 30 A / 50 A receptacle. Feature a OneTouch starting button to quickly switch to backup power source
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  • Parts
Includes high-quality recoil starter assemblies designed for use with electric / recoil gasoline portable generators to start the internal combustible engine. Ideal for use in lawn mowers, small outboard motors and chainsaws
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Portable Generator Power Cords
  • Portable Generator Power Cords
Manual transfer switch power cords to connect generator and the transfer switch / transfer panel / power inlet box to keep power flowing to the circuits or equipment in case of an outage
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Portable Generator Power Inlet Boxes
  • Portable Generator Power Inlet Boxes
Mounted outside the building with the generator to avoid harmful carbon monoxide from entering the premises. Made from non-metallic resin / aluminium, and are compatible with generators equipped with 20 / 30 / 50 A outlets
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Portable Generators
  • Portable Generators
Diesel / gasoline powered high-performance portable generators featuring fully wrapped heavy-duty 12 gauge steel tubes, a Generac engine of displacement up to 96 cc, a steel lifting pocket and an electric / recoil starter
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Standby Generators Liquid-Cooled
  • Standby Generators Liquid-Cooled
Natural gas, liquid propane or diesel powered 1- / 3-phase automatic standby generators designed to avoid disruption of power supplies in case of an outage. Have a maximum power rating of 150 kW and are ideal for powering home appliances or gadgets
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