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Frigidaire is a leading manufacturer of NSF / ANSI rated refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, power supply cords, water connectors, gas connectors, range hoods and related accessories. Water purifiers under the Frigidaire Kitchen Appliances range are ENERGY STAR certified and use PureSource Ultra II ice and water filtration technology to provide clean water. Frigidaire air conditioners offer two-stage cooling operation ensuring consistent temperatures and increased dehumidification. Choose from a wide range of these quality appliances and related accessories from Raptor Supplies, an authorised Frigidaire distributor.

Ductless Split Systems A/C and Heat Pumps
  • Ductless Split Systems A/C and Heat Pumps
Ductless A / C systems with easy-to-install indoor and outdoor components that are energy efficient and ideal for small spaces. Can operate in automatic, dehumidification and fan-only modes
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Flexible Gas Connectors
  • Flexible Gas Connectors
UL- and CSA-certified stainless steel gas connectors for indoor and outdoor use. Feature patented excess flow technology to enhance efficiency and safety
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  • Freezers
Customisable freezers for providing extra storage for frozen goods and perishable items. Feature mess-free defrosting and adjustable temperature control
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  • Parts
Includes belts, blower wheels, dryer switches, water filters and other parts for use with refrigerators and washer dryers
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Power Supply Cord
  • Power Supply Cord
UL- listed power cords used to connect 200 - 240 volt machines. Measure 1 - 8 ft in length and offered in black and grey variants
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Range Hoods
  • Range Hoods
Horizontally and vertically vented range hoods with adjustable speed for residential kitchen ventilation. Offer 220 CFM air delivery and available in different colour variants
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Refrigerators and Refrigerator Freezers
  • Refrigerators and Refrigerator Freezers
Used for keeping food items frozen for over two days in case of power outage. Feature LED lighting for better visibility and adjustable shelves for storage customisation. Available in French, right / left and reversible door variants
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Water Connectors
  • Water Connectors
UL-compliant water connectors and complete kits with 1/4 inch compression input / output size. Available in polyflex, copper and stainless steel variants
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Window and Wall Air Conditioners
  • Window and Wall Air Conditioners
Affordable and energy efficient window and wall ACs featuring 2-in-1 cooling and heating system, quick cool / warm mode and programmable 24-hour on / off timer. Have low power start-up and operation, and are effective in removing pollen and other impurities from air
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Window/Wall A/C Heat Pump Accessories
  • Window/Wall A/C Heat Pump Accessories
Includes architectural grilles and wall sleeves used for installing window or wall A/Cs and heat pumps
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