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Drum and Barrel Pumps

  • Drum Barrel Pump Accessories

    Polypropylene inlet strainers to avoid objects, debris or particulates from entering the pump tube, and slip-fit drum adapters to secure pump in container bung and help limit fumes

  • Drum Pump Motors

    Includes a wide range of continuous-duty drum pump motors for use in corrosive environments or where aggressive fumes are present. Feature steel / nylon housing, rpm ratings up to 11000, Class B insulation and ODP / splash-proof / TEFC / explosion-proof enclosures

  • Drum Pump Tubes

    Designed to empty chemicals and mild corrosive liquids from large buckets, carboys, drums and vats. Feature polypropylene / stainless steel bodies & a maximum operating temperature of 212 degrees F, and are available in 40- or 48-inch height options

  • Drum Pumps

    Electric / air-operated drum pumps ideal for transferring fluids such as oils, diesel, kerosene and gasoline from barrels, tanks, drums and carboys. Feature flow rates up to 40 GPM, rpm range of 3450 - 14000, a maximum viscosity of 20000 CPS and pressure ratings up to 130 psi

Chemical Pumps

  • Chemical Transfer Magnetic Drive Pumps

    SP Series self-priming magnetic drive pumps designed to create a powerful vacuum in the piping to lift fluid from depths up to 25 ft. Feature a TEFC induction motor, polypropylene or PVDF housing, a Viton gasket, and aa maximum viscosity of 50 CPS. DB Series mag-drive pumps also available

Pump Accessories

  • Pump Pedestals and Mounting Bases

    Stainless steel / FRP baseplates featuring 4 anchor holes designed for mounting pumps. Available in 13, 24, 30-1/2 or 39 inch length options

Since 1951, Finish Thompson Inc. (FTI) has been designing & manufacturing industrial-duty pumps and solvent / engine coolant recyclers. The company's product line comprises highly efficient centrifugal pumps and drum pumps ideal for fluid transfer applications in the automotive, steel processing, mining and chemical industries, as well as in water treatment and power plants. The Finish Thompson Centrifugal Pump catalogue includes a varied range of magnetic drive, chemical process, sealed, self-priming, sealless and vertical centrifugal pumps. The brand's DB Series magnetic drive centrifugal pumps are ideal for high hydraulic efficiency and corrosive fluid handling applications in flooded suction services. These FTI pumps can transfer fluids with viscosities up to 100 cP and provide a maximum flow rate of 221 gpm. They are designed with carbon bushings for extended dry run capability and feature a maximum operating pressure of 90 psi. 
The company also provides air- and electric-operated drum pumps ideal for emptying pails, drums, barrels, IBCs and bunds containing chemicals, diesel exhaust fluids, solvents, bases and acids. Finish Thompson PF Series drum pumps feature a double-suction impeller that provides high flow rates and high heads and are therefore suitable for container-to-container transfer of acids, chemicals and corrosives of viscosities up to 2000 cP.