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Ferraz Shawmut, now Mersen, is a leading manufacturer of high-grade electrical fuses for optimising the manufacturing process in transportation, electronics, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. It also offers a wide range of fuse holders, blocks, reducers and pullers, fusible and non-fusible disconnect switches, and power distribution blocks.
The Ferraz Shawmut fuse catalogue comprises a variety of time-delay and fast-acting fuses. These UL-listed and CSA-certified fuses have a fibreglass / melamine body for dimensional stability. They are designed for preventing replacement errors and protecting motor circuits, feeders, mains and transformers from high current. The brand's Class M fuses come in ATQ, ATM, TRM, SBS, USCC, OTM and GFN frames, and different voltage ratings. All Ferraz Shawmut fuses have a metal-embossed date and catalogue number for easy traceability. Raptor Supplies is an authorised distributor of Ferraz Shawmut fuses.

Class CC Fuses
  • Class CC Fuses
DC listed time-delay / fast-acting fuses featuring a versatile rejection-style design for preventing replacement errors. Ideal for protecting small transformers
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Products (96)
Class G Fuses
  • Class G Fuses
RoHS-compliant, low-voltage fuses used to eliminate over-fusing in lighting and appliance panel boards. Available in fast-acting and time-delay variants with single or / dual element and in sizes ranging from 0.9 to 2.25 mm with current ratings up to 60 amperes
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Products (34)
Class H Fuses
  • Class H Fuses
UL-listed non-current limiting fuses used in loads where short-circuit currents do not exceed 10000 amperes. Feature rugged construction for maximum service life and knurled bushings for easy dismantling
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Products (59)
Class J Fuses
  • Class J Fuses
CSA-certified fibreglass fuses designed for providing dimensional stability in harsh industrial environments and reducing the possibility of arcing faults or electrocution. Used in motor and branch circuits, transformers, control panels, bus ducts and load centres
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Products (43)
Class L Fuses
  • Class L Fuses
Low-voltage fuses with a blade-style melamine body, used to provide time delay for high inrush loads such as motors and transformers. Have high-grade silica fillers that ensure fast arc quenching and a maximum interrupting rate of 300 kA
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Products (37)
Class M Fuses
  • Class M Fuses
UL listed and CSA certified midget fuses ideal for supplemental protection of control / meter / lightning circuits, motors and transformers. Widely used in photovoltaic and solar applications
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Products (132)
Class RK1 Fuses
  • Class RK1 Fuses
Time-delay and fast-acting fuses with a fibreglass body ideal for providing dimensional stability in harsh industrial environments. Designed for protecting motors, safety switches, transformers, disconnects and control panels in faulty conditions
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Products (128)
Class RK5 Fuses
  • Class RK5 Fuses
Designed for overcurrent protection of motor circuits, mains, feeders, transformers, service entrance equipment and general-purpose equipment. Available in 600V and 250V variants and can handle up to 600A current
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Products (69)
Class T Fuses
  • Class T Fuses
Fast-acting fuses with a compact and flexible design to provide a high degree of current limitation. Made of glass melamine to foster better dimensional stability
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Products (60)
Fuse Reducers
  • Fuse Reducers
Allow the wiring of lower ampere fuses to higher ampere switches, fuse holders and fuse clips. Useful for protecting circuits in vehicles and motor-driven machinery. Available in 250 and 600 voltage ratings
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Products (34)