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Fernco Inc. offers a wide variety of flexible pipe fittings and couplings, such as tap saddle tees, caps, connectors, elbows, bushings, and corrugated and shielded couplings. All Fernco products are 100% recyclable and widely used in various plumbing and fluid handling systems to offer leak-free connections and flow restrictions. Fernco flexible couplings have a leak-proof elastomeric PVC construction with a stainless-steel band and are resistant to certain chemicals, UV rays, corrosion and normal sewer gases. These couplings are ASTM D 5926, C 1173 and CSA B602 compliant and widely used in all types of in-house plumbing and sewer connections. Shielded couplings by Fernco maintain proper pipe alignment and are ideal for applications that require maximum pressure transfer from the clamps - to the gasket - to the pipe. Choose from a wide variety of Fernco couplings in different lengths and diameters on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Flexible Fittings
ASTM compliant couplings, tap saddles, bushing, connectors and tees commonly used in different pipe connection applications
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