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Extract-All is a global manufacturer of air purification equipment and fume extraction systems for use in aerospace, electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Its product catalogue includes air cleaner filters, cabinet ventilators, dust collectors, belt drive radial blade blowers and oil mist collectors. The brand’s dust collectors are designed for effective removal of smoke, fumes and other airborne contaminants from waste material incinerators and manufacturing plants. They feature a self-cleaning cartridge filter with a unique cyclonic drop-out feature which separates large dust particles from the 99.999% efficient fire-retardant cartridge. The brand also manufactures fume extractor arms with a long, wall-mounted swivel boom (max. 120-inch length) to increase the arm’s reach for effectively capturing soldering fumes, solvent odours and sanding dust. Choose from a wide range of Extract-All air purifiers and related accessories like exhaust collars, wall brackets and Y-connectors on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Extract-All distributor.

  • Air Cleaner Accessories
Installation accessories, such as exhaust collars, wall brackets and Y-connectors, for use with Extract-All air cleaners
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Products (4)
  • Air Cleaner Filters
Replacement air filters, including baffle, HEPA and carbon filters; carbon module and pleated filters; and panel and rigid cell filters, ideal for extracting solvent or laboratory fumes and odours
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Products (45)
  • Air Cleaners
Electric air cleaners featuring HEPA / carbon filters that allow a maximum airflow of 3450 cfm for decontaminating workspaces. Provide filter efficiencies up to 97 percent
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Products (32)
  • Belt Drive Radial Blade Blowers
Exhaust blowers featuring an open-drip proof / TEFC motor for extracting dust or fumes at a maximum speed of 3450 rpm. Come equipped with mounting brackets and a wiring circuit
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Products (2)
  • Fume Extractor Arms
Ideal for removing welding, powder mixing and solvent fumes. Feature a swivelling hood capable of moving up to 360 degrees. Available in wall, table and column mounting options
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Products (11)