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Exair Corporation has been manufacturing OSHA- and CE-compliant compressed air-operated products for more than 34 years. The company's line of products includes vortex tubes and coolers; air guns, knives and amplifiers; atomising nozzles; static eliminators; air-operated conveyors; and related accessories. Exair vortex tubes are designed to provide a reliable and maintenance-free solution for all industrial spot cooling problems. These vortex tubes produce a temperature drop by separating a compressed air stream into cold and hot streams. They are commonly used for cooling cutting tools, soldered parts, heat seals and hot melts.
The company also offers high-quality air amplifiers designed to produce high-volume and high-velocity air flow by pulling the surrounding air. These Exair air amplifiers feature aluminium or stainless-steel construction and a compact design with no moving parts. Choose from a wide range of Exair products such as vacuum ejectors, pneumatic mufflers and swivel connectors on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Exair distributors.

Air Amplifiers
  • Air Amplifiers
Lightweight and portable air amplifiers used to collect dust, clean machine parts and regulate air flow. Feature balanced outlet airflow for minimising sound levels
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Products (28)
Air Conveyors
  • Air Conveyors
Compact air conveyors with large throat diameters (max 1.75 inches) to ensure maximum throughput capacity. Available in aluminium and stainless steel variants and ideal for use in hopper loading, fibre-tensioning and material conveying jobs
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Products (30)
Air Gun Accessories
  • Air Gun Accessories
Includes installation accessories for air guns such as shim sets and swivels. Available in 1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and 3/8 MNPT connections
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Products (9)
Air Gun Nozzles
  • Air Gun Nozzles
Ideal for chip removal or part ejection operations and capable of delivering high-velocity air flows up to 22 ounces. Designed as per OSHA standards to meet optimal noise and pressure levels
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Products (58)
Air Knives
  • Air Knives
Easy-to-install air knives used to produce uniform air flows for applications in part drying, component cooling and conveyor cleaning. Can withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees F
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Products (55)
Atomizing Spray Nozzles
  • Atomizing Spray Nozzles
Fully adjustable spray nozzles designed for quenching, coating and rinsing jobs. Available in 1/4 and 1/2 NPT size variants with flow rates up to 66 gph
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Products (70)
Cold Air Guns
  • Cold Air Guns
One- and two-hose cold gun air coolant systems capable of generating a stream of cold air at 50 degrees F below the supply air temperature. Electricity-free and economical alternative of mist systems; suitable for drilling, laser cutting and band sawing operations
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Products (6)
Ionizing Air Gun and Cannon Power Supplies
  • Ionizing Air Gun and Cannon Power Supplies
RoHS-compliant power supplies for use with air guns, knives and cannons. Can produce a maximum output of 5000 VAC and feature a lighted power switch as an indicator
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Products (1)
  • Parts
Includes a wide range of Exair air knife parts, such as shim sets and mounting brackets, for use with air guns. Available in aluminium and stainless-steel variants
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Products (26)
Pneumatic Muffler
  • Pneumatic Muffler
Used to reduce the noise produced by pneumatic systems, and clean exhaust air-controlled systems such as valves and cylinders
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Products (4)
Swivel Connectors
  • Swivel Connectors
Products (1)
Vacuum Ejectors
  • Vacuum Ejectors
Products (4)
Vortex Coolers
  • Vortex Coolers
Products (12)
Vortex Tubes
  • Vortex Tubes
Products (7)