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Elkhart Brass, a Safe Fleet brand, has been manufacturing innovative firefighting equipment for applications in industrial and commercial buildings. The company's line of products includes fire hose and hydrant adapters, fire hose ball valves, fire hydrant gate valves, fire hose nozzles, spanner and hydrant wrenches, and monitors.
Elkhart spanner wrenches are designed to tighten or loosen rocker lug and pin lug hose connections. These 10-3/8 inch folding spanner wrenches feature aluminium / brass handle and head, and a clip ring and can fit rocker / lug pin couplings of up to 3.5 inches. The brand's fire hose rocker lug adapters are suitable for creating a connection between hydrants, pipes or hoses. They feature brass or Elk-O-Lite construction and double male / female x male basic connection type. Choose from a wide range of these fire hose adapters and other brand products, such as nozzle repair kits and valve repair seal kits, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Elkhart Brass distributors.

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