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Lab Supplies

Water Quality and Purification

  • Water Purification System Accessories

    Includes storage tanks (25, 35, 40 and 75 litres), remote dispense stations, wall mounting kits, casters, foot switches and pressure regulators

  • Water Purification System Consummables

    High-performance UV lamps designed for use in water purification systems to inactivate microorganisms by interrupting nucleic acids and disrupting their DNA. Replacement cartridges also available

  • Water Purification Systems

    Type I, II and III water purification systems to provide clean and pure water for critical applications in laboratories. Feature a maximum output flow of 2 litres per minute and available in 7 and 50 litre variants



  • Filtration System Accessories

    Includes open circuit ring main kits featuring quick-disconnect connection designed for use with Elga LabWater water purifiers

ELGA LabWater, a brand of Veolia Water Technologies, manufactures reliable water purification systems to provide ultrapure water in laboratories and research facilities. The ELGA Products catalogue includes filtration system elements and water purification systems, as well as system consumables and accessories, like UV lamps and cartridges. Elga water purification systems are suitable for ultra-trace analysis, ICP-MS, clinical biochemistry and molecular services requiring ultimate inorganic water purity levels. These purification systems feature a dual-wavelength UV lamp for photo-oxidation of feed water that helps reduce TOC (total organic carbon) levels to less than 10 ppb and micron filter modules to remove bacteria and particulates from the feed water. Each system has a point-of-use dispenser with programmable volume control to dispense a predetermined volume of water and thereby prevent water loss. They also offer real TOC monitoring every 2 seconds and require two deionisation cartridges and pre-treated potable water for a single-run operation. Choose from a wide range of these consumables and related accessories such as wall mount kits and remote dispense guns, on Raptor Supplies, an authorised ELGA LabWater distributor.