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Power Tools

Fastening Tools

  • Impact Wrench Accessories

    Includes angle drill attachments, angle driver sets and offset angle drivers for use with hand, electric and cordless drills, wire brushes, polishers and grinding discs

  • Screwdriver Accessories

    Hex drive socket adapters, screw holders and Y cup drivers for use with screwdrivers, cup or eye hooks. Offered in drive sizes up to 1/4 inches

  • Screwdriver Bit Set

    Steel-made Philips / slotted / impact screwdriver bit sets to loosen or tighten fasteners, like screws, studs or bolts in both low- and high-torque applications. Come in 3-, 4- and 10-piece variants

Fastening Tool Accessories

  • Nut Setters and Bit Holders

    Designed for use with impact wrenches to drive lag screws or bolts. Feature steel / steel chrome-plated construction to withstand high-torque conditions and offered in different shank sizes

  • Screwdriver Bits

    Hex-hand insert bits, Torx power bits and Torx tamperproof insert bits for use with manual and power screwdrivers to drive screws or bolts in wood, sheet metals and plastics. Available in lengths up to 2 inches

Finishing Tools

  • Oscillating Tool Accessories

    Grout / grit / metal blades, sanding pads, scrapers and adapters for use with finishing tools, like angle grinders, belt / disc sanders, cup / disc brushes and electric polishers

  • Rotary Tool Accessories

    Mini mounted points, files, rasps, drum sander kits and rotary rasp kits used with electric handheld die grinders, engravers and scarifiers for different grinding, honing, sanding and polishing jobs. Can create cuts of up to 1/4 inch diameter

Power Saws and Accessories

  • Scroll Saw Blades

    Used to cut detailed curves on wood, plastic, copper and other metals. Feature toothed-blades with a maximum of 41 teeth per inch. Available in both pinned and unpinned shank variants


Machine Cutting Tools

  • Combined Drill/Countersinks

    1- / 2-flute single-end drill / countersink bits made of high-speed steel with black oxide / bright finish for corrosion resistance and to minimise light reflection. Ideal for core-hole drilling, tapping and deburring jobs

  • Countersinks Center Reamers

    5-point / tapered countersink bits featuring high-speed steel construction with 1 / 2 / 5 flutes. Used to dowel pins or screws and offered in shank lengths up to 3.5 inches

  • Jobber Length Drill Bits

    High-speed steel replacement countersink drill bits featuring longer shanks compared to the diameter. Ideal for drilling holes in plastic and wood

Machine Tool Accessories

  • Chuck Keys and Holders

    L-type / T-type / 4-sided chuck keys, holders and displays used to tighten or loosen the bolts on drill chucks. Available in different pilot sizes

Machining Supplies

  • Screw/Bolt Extractor Sets

    High-speed tool steel / carbon steel extractors used for removing damaged and one-way screws, studs, bolts and fittings. Offered in sets containing up to 6 pieces

Hand Tools

Screwdrivers and Nutdrivers

  • Bit Sets

    Tool-steel power drill accessories, including flex-a-bit, hex power, security screwdriver, slotted power and hex power bits and bit sets used for driving screws and bolts of different sizes

  • Screwdriver Bit And Nutsetter Accessories

    Sliding / C-ring magnetic bit holders designed to prevent the bits from dropping out of the screwdrivers while working in confined spaces. Available in 3/8 and 7/16 inch body diameters

  • Screwdriver Bits And Nutsetters

    Magnetic nutsetters used with impact drivers to reduce slipping in drill chucks. Feature a quick-change shank for high-torque applications and offered in both SAE and metric sizes

  • Screwdrivers

    Tamper-resistant / triple-Y(R) screwdrivers designed to prevent tampering of the screws or bolts during tightening / loosening jobs. Available in hex, Philips, spanner, square and Torx (R) tip styles

Impact Sockets and Bits

  • Impact Bits

    Insert and power bits featuring a hex shank designed to drive round, oval and flat-head fasteners (screws and bolts) in woods, sheet metals and PCB boards

Founded in 1985, Eazypower Corporation is a Chicago based company that manufactures various hand & power tools ideal for use in woodworking, buffing and polishing applications. Its extensive product line includes high-quality drill bits, sockets, abrasives, screwdriver tips, dowels, rasps, grinding wheels, wire brushes, hole saws, polishing kits and countersinks. Eazypower also provides a wide range of impact screwdrivers, Get-It-Out or one-way screw removers, ratcheting screwdrivers having a telescopic & patented magnetic pick-up and spring-clip screwdrivers. The brand's patented Isomax Series screwdrivers are tamper-resistant and are widely used by electricians and technicians to remove or install the security screws. These ANSI- and DIN-rated screwdrivers are offered in square, Torx(R) or star, hex, Philips / crosspoint and spanner tip >magnetic nut setters are used to fasten metal & self-tapping tools, as well as minimise the corner stripping of fasteners. These setters are compatible for use with most impact drivers and power screwdrivers and are offered in drive sizes up to 14 mm.