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Eaton Corporation offers energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for managing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical powers in aerospace, oil & gas, healthcare, telecom and mining industries and in data centres. The Eaton catalogue comprises backup power solutions, power management solutions, power distribution solutions, racks and enclosures, airflow management products, surge protection products, DC power solutions and related services (including integration and UPS services). Eaton circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical circuits against any damage done by excess current from overloads and short-circuits. These can be used with panelboards, control panels, motor control centres, switchboards and combination starters. Shop from a wide range of circuit breakers and other Eaton products, such as hydraulic hose fittings, IEC supplementary protectors, EZ-clips and swivel joints, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Eaton distributors.
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Automotive Specialized Tools
  • Automotive Specialized Tools
Steel-made STC release tools designed for use with Z Series STC crimp ends. Available in 1/2- and 3/4- inch variants
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Auxiliary Contacts
  • Auxiliary Contacts
Work with primary switching equipment like circuit breakers and suitable for use in extra low voltage. Feature finger and hand touch safe terminal protection and available in NO / NC variants
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Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers
  • Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers
1-, 2- and 3- pole bolt-on miniature circuit breakers used to control voltage levels and prevent overload conditions in electrical systems
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Brake Lines
  • Brake Lines
Feature carbon steel construction with zinc finish and ideal for use in car and truck brakes
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Brass Air Brake Connectors and Accessories
  • Brass Air Brake Connectors and Accessories
Include brass nuts and adapters used in air brakes for safe stopping in big vehicles
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Circuit Breaker Accessories
  • Circuit Breaker Accessories
Includes auxiliary contacts, lugs, rating plugs and shunt trips used to secure circuits, prevent shutdowns and install new circuit breakers
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Circuit Breaker Enclosures
  • Circuit Breaker Enclosures
NEMA 3R rated steel circuit breaker enclosures used to protect circuit breakers from dust and corrosion. Ideal for hazardous environments and available in different frame sizes and current ratings
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Circular Saw Blades
  • Circular Saw Blades
Stainless steel-tipped circular saw blades used for cutting hoses with speed and precision. Available in different dimensions and rpm ratings
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Electric Hose Chop Saws
  • Electric Hose Chop Saws
Durable and abrasive cut-off machines ideal for metal and hose cutting applications. Feature chip-to-saw heat transfer mechanism to help extend the apparatus life and keep them cool
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Electrical Control Pilot Lights
  • Electrical Control Pilot Lights
Red, yellow and green 120 VAC / DC PresTest light units featuring NEMA 3 enclosures and Fresnel lenses suitable for indicating when machine processes have started or ended
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  • EZ-Clip
SAE J3062 and J2064 compliant E-Z Clip system components, such as attaching clips, braze hose fittings, O-ring hose fittings and flare hose fittings, designed for assembly with Eaton multi-refrigerant hose GH001
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General Purpose Hydraulic Motors
  • General Purpose Hydraulic Motors
Low-speed, high-torque Class H-Series motors with spool valves and operating speeds up to 2000 rpm. Have a maximum angular displacement of 22.7 cubic inch per revolution and are therefore, ideal for driving fans, conveyor belts and other heavy construction equipment
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  • Gladhands
Steel / cast iron gladhands used to connect emergency and service air lines in trucks / tractors
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Hydraulic Bulk Hoses
  • Hydraulic Bulk Hoses
Durable and abrasion- resistant easy-couple and truck hoses ideal for fluid conveyance in petroleum and water-based hydraulic systems. Made from high-quality synthetic rubber / stainless steel and can handle fluid pressures as high as 5800 psi
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Hydraulic Crimping Tool System
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool System
Used to bend / cut / crimp / strip hydraulic hoses and ideal for quick and easy assembly of hose and hose ends. Available in different sizes, capacities and pressure rates
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Hydraulic General-Purpose Hose Assy.
  • Hydraulic General-Purpose Hose Assy.
Synthetic rubber / thermoplastic hydraulic hose assembly ideal for hydraulic systems running on petroleum and water-based fluids. Suitable for extreme temperature and pressure conditions, and available in different measurements , reinforcements and temperature ranges
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Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Assy.
  • Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Assy.
Thermoplastic / synthetic rubber high-pressure hydraulic hoses having a maximum operating pressure of 10000 PSI. Ideal for use with pumps and cylinders
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Hydraulic Hose Adapters and Plugs
  • Hydraulic Hose Adapters and Plugs
High-pressure steel adapters and plugs featuring corrosion-resistant Dura-Kote plating. Ideal for use with Eaton's fluid conveyance products
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Hydraulic Hose Fittings
  • Hydraulic Hose Fittings
Hydraulic flange, hose and tube fittings used for installation onto hoses to transfer oil, air, gasoline and hydraulic liquids in a smooth and hassle-free way
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Hydraulic Quick Couplers
  • Hydraulic Quick Couplers
FNPT / FSAE connection type hydraulic quick couplers ideal for swift and hassle free connect and disconnect between fluid lines. Maximize productivity in hydraulic system and available in different sizes , flow rates and pressure ratings
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