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Eagle Manufacturing is an ISO-9001 certified manufacturer of industrial safety and material handling products for applications in chemical, transportation, fabrication, agriculture and medical industries. The brand's product catalogue includes safety cans, safety cabinets, transport drums, cigarette receptacles, bollard posts and accessories. A variety of galvanised Type-1 / Type-2 Eagle safety cans meet OSHA and NFPA standards, and are used for safe storage and handling of flammable liquids, paints, inks, pesticides, acids and corrosive liquids. These cans can be further organised in the Eagle safety cabinets made from high-quality 18 gauge steel. These cabinets have high corrosion-resistance and storage capacity of up to 110 gallons. Choose from a wide range of these Eagle safety products and accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Eagle distributor.

  • Absorbent Maintenance Blankets
Made of non-woven geotextile with a chemical-resistant polyethylene layer and suitable for use under vehicles or any leaking equipment. Can be rolled or folded into a compact, lightweight unit
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Products (4)
  • Ash Trays Cigarette Receptacles and Ash Tray Sand
Cigarette receptacles and metal / polyethylene tubes for use with butt cans in designated smoking areas to dispose cigarette waste
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Products (26)
  • Bench Cans
Galvanised-steel bench and daub cans designed to clean small parts or swab large equipment with flammable fluids. Feature a dasher plate that dispenses a small amount of liquid to moisten sponges or rags, thereby preventing accidental spills
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Products (7)
  • Biohazard Waste Cans
6-, 10- and 14-gallon containers designed as per OSHA standards to protect workers from exposure to blood-borne pathogens. Feature HDPE construction to withstand harsh chemical compounds and a self-closing lid with foot lever
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Products (3)
  • Bollard Covers and Post Sleeves
HDPE sleeves featuring UV inhibitors to resist fading, rusting or cracking in posts or bollards. Can easily slide into 4-, 6- & 8-inch NPT pipes and require no annual maintenance
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Products (49)
  • Bollards
Carbon-steel / polyethylene bollards used to create a maintenance-free caution zone for preventing ram-raiding or car accidents. Optional rubber bases to provide maximum stability also available
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Products (28)
  • Cable Protection System Components
Yellow speed bumps featuring a dual-channel design to protect cables running across parking lots, construction sites or hotels. Feature a non-skid surface capable of bearing a maximum load of 20000 lb
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Products (2)
  • Collapsible Spill Containment Berms and Pools
Light weight and durable containment pools, decon pools and spill berms used to contain chemical / oil / sewage spills. Made from PVC / XR5 fabric and offer excellent chemical, puncture and abrasion resistance
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Products (78)
  • Corrosive Cabinets
Safety cabinets suitable for storing flammable or hazardous liquids (up to 60 gallons). Feature reinforced double-wall construction with 1.5-inch air space throughout, and are offered in manual, self-closing & sliding door options
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Products (21)
  • Covered Spill Containment Pallets and Platforms
EPA- and SPCC-compliant two-drum workstations used to store drums; feature a max spill capacity of 220 gallons. Replacement covers for use with Eagle 1626 & 1628 spill containments units also available
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Products (4)
  • Curb Ramps
Products (3)
  • Disposal Cans
Products (8)
  • Drum Accessories
Products (2)
  • Drum Covers
Products (2)
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