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Eagle Group is a manufacturer of various material handling and storage products for commercial, food service and medical applications. Its Shelving product line includes cart covers, carts, mobile work tables and workstations. Eagle Group wire shelving and material handling products are available in high-quality chrome and stainless-steel options and in different load-holding capacities and dimensions. The Eagle Group Sinks product line includes scullery sinks, hand sinks, hand wash stations, mop sinks, utility sinks and laundry tubs. These sinks have stainless-steel body and are available in different bowl sizes, lengths and widths.

  • Cart Covers
Products (324)
  • Medical Carts
Products (8)
  • Mobile Work Tables
Products (4)
  • Mobile Workstations
Products (1)
  • Mop Sinks
Products (1)
  • Scullery Sinks
Products (11)
  • Sink Accessories
Products (4)
  • Table Accessories
Products (12)
  • Tables
Products (1)
  • Wire Cart Accessories
Products (1)
  • Wire Carts
Products (2)