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Test Instruments

Pressure and Vacuum Measuring

  • Differential Pressure Gauge Accessories

    Includes high-quality replacement parts such as static pressure fittings, shielded cables, split flange assemblies, surface mount brackets, mounting glands and portable adaptor kits to ensure optimal performance of differential pressure gauges

  • Differential Pressure Gauges

    Shock- and vibration-resistant pressure gauges used to measure the pressure difference between two given inputs in a system. Feature die-cast aluminium body construction and display pressure difference accurate to + / - 4 %

  • Digital Pressure and Vacuum Gauges

    Suitable for level, pump, process and compressor control applications. Feature an NPT or smooth barb connection, a 4-digit LCD screen and stainless-steel wetted parts, and come in an ABS / glass filled plastic case

  • Indicating Transmitters

    Designed to provide electronic control and visual monitoring of low-differential pressure. Feature a Magnehelic gage mechanical design and Series 600 transmitter technology

  • Manometer Accessories

    Includes digital manometer stands and other mounting accessories, such as brackets and magnet assemblies

  • Manometers

    CE-approved U-tube manometers used to measure positive, negative and differential pressures up to 100 psi. Columns have an outer diameter of 0.34 inch and feature a durable plastic construction.

  • Micromanometers

    Designed to determine both differential and static pressure readings, and to measure flow rate and air velocity. Powered by a 9V battery and can measure up to 200 psig pressure

  • Pitot Tubes

    Single-point sensors designed to measure the flow velocity of liquids, gases or air running through ducts, pipes or tubing. Most of the models feature stainless steel construction and are available in different connection types and sizes

  • Pressure and/or Vacuum Transducers

    Ideal for applications requiring measurements in vacuum pressure and negative / positive pressure ranges. Can withstand pressures up to 10000 psi and come equipped with LCD display units capable of precise pressure readings

Temperature and Humidity Measuring

  • Analog Panel Mount Thermometers

    BTPM Series panel mount bimetal thermometers suitable for applications in chemical processing, HVAC and automotive industries. Feature a 3 inch dial with a scratch-proof glass and a stainless-steel housing and can be easily mounted on most instrument panels. Can measure temperatures ranging from -40 to 392 degrees F

  • Dial Thermometers

    Can be used to read temperature at point of measurement and also at remote location with the help of capillary tubing. Ideal for monitoring boiler water and treatment plant temperatures and for sanitary process applications

  • Digital Temperature Switches

    Used for monitoring and controlling temperature in heating and cooling applications. Can be found installed in refrigerators, chillers and food service equipment, and come equipped with thermistor-style / thermocouple sensors

  • Temp./Humidity/Pressure Transmitter Acc.

    Includes display upgrade kits for use with transducers and Zener and galvanic barriers to electrically isolates certain Dwyer pressure and level transmitters. Remote displays, mounting brackets, duct mount assemblies and enclosures also available

  • Temperature and Humidity Transducers

    Designed to monitor the humidity and temperature of any environment. Ideal for use in laboratories, environmental chambers, HVAC systems and air handler applications. Available in duct, surface and wall mount variants

  • Temperature Probes

    Feature a contact-style sensing method to measure temperatures ranging from -57 to 302 degrees F. Ideal for applications in medical, HVAC and food and beverage industries

Process Monitoring

  • Digital Panel Meters

    High-precision digital panel meters featuring a 3-digit LED or 4-digit LCD to display voltage, pressure, current and resistance

  • Powder Bulk Level Control Accessories

    Full / half coupling flanges featuring carbon steel / stainless steel construction and banana / L / tri paddles having minimum bulk density ranging from 5 to 70 lb per cubic foot

  • Powder Bulk Level Controls

    High-quality SPDT / DPDT electromechanical level switches used for level monitoring of bulk materials. Feature a NEMA 4X enclosure and NPT connections, and offered in capacitive, tuning fork and paddle variants

Air Movement

  • Air Velocity Meters and Anemometers

    Includes air velocity meters, anemometers and wind speed indicators used to measure wind speed and monitor air flow

  • Air Velocity Monitor Accessories

    Includes air flow probes, replacement vanes, pressure anemometer, temperature and humidity probes, wireless mobile gateways and air flow grid sensors for use with wind meters, vaneometers and air velocity transmitters

  • Air Velocity Transmitters

    Designed to provide precise velocity measurements at different flow rates and temperatures. Can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 212 degrees F and have a quick response time of 1.5 seconds

Electrical Power Testing

Nonelectrical Properties Testing

  • Environmental Meters

    Used to measure humidity, temperature, air velocity, air flow and sound. Provide real-time information and feature a 4-digit LCD display to show both current and average readings

HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC Controls

  • Duct Pressure Switches

    Explosion-proof and ATEX approved air / differential Dwyer pressure switches used for monitoring industrial cooling-air circuits and flows in ventilation ducts. Feature a silicon diaphragm and have a maximum operating pressure of 1.45 psi (10 kPa)


Liquid Level Gauges and Sight Indicators

  • Window Sight Flow Indicators

    Stainless steel / bronze indicators installed in pipes or tubing to monitor the chemical processes and to detect leaks, flow interruptions and contaminants inside any equipment or system. Feature rotating impellers, Buna-N / fibre seals and removable tempered glass windows


Pump Controls

  • Flow Switches

    Brass-made flow and level switches used to monitor and control the flow of liquids, gases and steam. Have an electrical contact output at a specific flow rate

Dwyer Instruments has been offering innovative sensors, control equipment and instrumentation solutions for application in HVAC industry, water and wastewater management, and valve automation systems. The company's line of products includes thermometers, transmitters, transducers, pressure gauges, differential pressure and temperature switches, panel meters, flow indicators, manometers and flow meters.
Dwyer manometers are the precision instruments designed to measure the difference between two pressures. These CE approved instruments are suitable for measuring both single and differential pressure. You can also use these manometers for measuring duct static pressure and field calibration of other instruments. Dwyer Instruments flow meters are ideal for measuring flow rate of liquids, gases or air in heat exchangers, coolant lines, water treatment plants and lubrication systems. They can withstand a maximum pressure of 300 psi and measure flow rate up to 30 gpm. Choose from a wide range of these pressure and temperature measuring instruments and other company products such as environmental meters, pitot tubes and level switches, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Dwyer Instruments distributors.