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Durham Manufacturing offers a wide range of industrial storage units, material handling products, workstations, workbenches and shelving solutions. These products are suitable for storing, sorting and organising items in an industrial setting. The company's Industrial Storage line includes bin cabinets, storage cabinets, cylinder cabinets, mobile cabinets and metal compartment boxes. Its heavy-duty mobile storage cabinets feature welded steel construction and polyurethane casters, and these cabinets can handle a maximum load of 1200 lb. They are offered in durable textured powder coat finish for resistivity against rust and corrosion.
You can also shop from a wide range of highly durable Durham workbenches featuring steel construction and a maximum load-holding capacity of 14000 lb. These workbenches are ideal for applications in laboratories, metal fabrication plants and manufacturing units.

  • Bar and Pipe Trucks
Designed to facilitate easy and secure transportation of metal pipes and round bars in warehouses and production facilities. Feature steel construction, phenolic casters and a maximum load capacity of 4000 lb
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  • Bin And Box Accessories
Includes steel made compartment box racks ideal for holding small-sized polypropylene compartment boxes. High-impact plastic bin dividers to manage drawer space also available
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  • Bin Cabinets
Powder-coated 12-, 14- and 16-gauge steel Durham bin cabinets with drawers to store items of up to 400 lb. Available in different door and lock types
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  • Bin Dividers
Designed to optimise the bin storage space and to help in sorting items for quick identification. Feature polypropylene construction and offered in a pack of 6 in different height and length options
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Products (8)
  • Bin Shelving
Includes heavy-duty enclosed steel Durham shelving with polypropylene bins designed for applications in industrial and commercial warehouses and production facilities. Can handle a maximum load of 3420 lb and offered in different bin heights and bin depths
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Products (36)
  • Box Trucks
4-sided low deck box trucks suitable for industrial storage applications. Feature fully welded steel construction, 4 polyurethane bolt-on casters, load capacity up to 1200 lb and a tubular push handle. Spill control carts also available
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  • Bulk Storage Lockers
16-gauge steel visible storage lockers featuring a ventilated door, padlock and fold-down handle. Contain 4 adjustable shelves, each having a 300-lb load capacity
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  • Bulk Storage Racks
3000-lb, 3-shelf freestanding vertical bar racks suitable for storage of long parts / workpieces close to the jobsite. Made from steel with a powder coating for corrosion resistance
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  • Cabinet Accessories
Replacement door shelves designed for use with heavy-duty bin cabinets. Available in steel and 12- / 18-inch length options. Storage cabinet shelves with 900-lb load capacity also available
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Products (6)
  • Cantilever Storage Racks
2-sided freestanding straight cantilever racks ideal for storage of bar stocks. Feature steel construction, a 2600-lb load capacity and 9 storage levels per side
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  • Compartmented Drawers
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  • Cylinder Cabinets
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  • Drawer Bin Cabinets
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  • Hang and Stack Bins
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  • Metal Utility Carts
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  • Mobile Bin Carts
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