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  • Greases

    Includes anti-corrosion, electricity-conducting, extreme-pressure, high-temperature, moisture-resistant and multipurpose greases made of PFPE with PTFE powder. Can be used in temperatures ranging from -75 to 399 degrees Celsius, cannot be washed out by water and are non-reactive to acids

  • Oils

    Non-flammable, chemically inert and multipurpose lubricants offering excellent stability, lubricity and viscosity; used to increase the service life of various machines and components

A part of The Chemours Company, Krytox is a leading manufacturer of lubrication solutions used in bearings, electric motors, gearboxes and valves to protect them from damage caused by excess friction and vibration. The Chemours Krytox catalogue includes a wide range of oils, greases and polymer additives. Made using carbon, oxygen and fluorine, Krytox oils are non-flammable polymers of poly-hexafluoropropylene-oxide, making them ideal for high-temperature applications in the aerospace industry. These NSF H1-certified oils have a non-toxic, silicone-free composition optimal for food machinery applications. Composed of PFPE and PTFE, Krytox greases are thermally stable and non-flammable. These greases contain anti-wear additives that protect lubricated components from wear and tear, and can be used in temperatures ranging from -75 to 399 degrees Celsius. Choose from a wide range of Krytox lubricants in different sizes on Raptor Supplies, an authorised brand distributor.