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Duff-Norton is an ISO 9001 certified leading manufacturer of reliable and high-quality rotary unions, acme and ball screws and nuts, linear actuators, screw jacks, electric cylinders and rail maintenance equipment. These products are ideal for applications in healthcare, metal fabrication, construction, packaging, food & beverage, material handling and transportation industries. The Duff-Norton Rotary Union catalogue comprises DWA, 5000, 8000 and 9000 Series rotary unions. The 9000 Series rotary unions are suitable for use with water, steam and hot oils. They feature NPT connection, carbon steel or stainless steel construction and bellows sealing system, and can withstand up to 250 psi pressure. The heavy-duty Duff-Nortonball screw actuators are mainly designed to create linear motion without friction. They consist of a ball recirculator, a ball screw nut and a ball screw spindle, and are available in aluminium / cast iron housing and in different hp and efficiency ratings.
You can choose from a wide range of these actuators and other company products, such as acme flanges and rotary union cartridges, on Raptor supplies, one of the authorised Duff-Norton distributors.

Acme Flanges
  • Acme Flanges
Steel made acme flanges used for mounting objects to an acme lead screw. Designed for use with linear actuators
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Products (5)
Acme Nuts
  • Acme Nuts
Designed for use with high load bearing Acme threaded screws, studs and rods. Can handle dynamic loads up to 31034 lb and offered in different overall diameters
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Products (19)
Acme Screws
  • Acme Screws
Suitable for application where a heavy-load is applied to the screw while maintaining slow rotational speed. Available in different lengths and screw diameters
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Products (30)
Actuator Accessories
  • Actuator Accessories
Includes controllers for use with LT Series actuators and extension cables, and foot switches and handsets for use with LC Series controllers
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Products (4)
Electro Mechanical Actuators
  • Electro Mechanical Actuators
Used to convert electrical energy into linear displacement to allow controlled movement of tools / components to a particular position. Feature a gear / belt / acme drive system and offered in a TEFC / TENV / IP66 enclosure
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Products (79)
Mechanical Actuators
  • Mechanical Actuators
Ideal for application in satellite dish positioning and for moving heavy-equipment. Include a variety of ball screw and machine screw actuators, and offered in aluminium / cast iron / ductile iron variants in different hp ratings
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Products (56)
Rotary Joint Cartridges
  • Rotary Joint Cartridges
Includes 5000 & 9000 Series stainless steel replaceable cartridges designed to expand the lifespan and reduce the overall maintenance cost of rotary unions
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Products (7)
Rotary Joint Elbows
  • Rotary Joint Elbows
Stainess steel joint elbows designed to facilitate transfer of water, steam or hot oil from a stationary source to rotating machinery to control the surface temperature. Have a maximum operating temperature of 395 degrees F and can withstand up to 750 psi pressure
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Products (7)
Rotary Joints and Unions
  • Rotary Joints and Unions
Designed to transfer liquids or gases from a stationary source into a rotating or swivelling piece of machinery. Can operate at different temperatures and have a maximum rotational speed of 1000 rpm
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Products (58)