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Dormer, a brand partner of Pramet, is a leading manufacturer of cutting tools for various drilling, milling, threading and turning applications. The Dormer Pramet catalogue includes jobber length, screw-machine length, taper length, extra-long and taper shank drill bits, as well as indexable end mills and solid milling inserts. Made from high-strength cobalt steel or high-speed steel, Dormer jobber drill bits are capable of generating higher heat as compared to other machining processes and are, therefore, ideal for use in CNC machines to drill tensile and tough materials. These high-speed cobalt drill bits feature ground flutes and an optimised helical design for more efficient chip flow. Selected indexable milling inserts come equipped with a physical vapour deposition (PVD) coating and can therefore easily machine corrosion- and heat-resistant steel, cast iron, and soft steel surfaces. An extensive range of these high-performance tools is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Dormer tools distributor.

  • Extra Long Drill Bits
Metric and fractional-inch bits made from high-speed steel ideal for deep-drilling applications in hard materials, like nickel-alloy, stainless steel, titanium, cast iron and carbon steel. Offered in flute lengths up to 295 mm
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  • Indexable End Mills
Solid-carbide head drills used for high-performance machining and drilling of structural steel beams in construction sites. Allow easy head changes without removing the tool from spindles
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  • Jobber Length Drill Bits
Cobalt-steel / HSS drill bits designed for machining both soft and hard metals, as well as woods and plastics. Feature a point angle of 118 / 130 degrees to centre the drill on curved surfaces. Available in fractional-inch, letter, metric and wire dimensions
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  • Milling Inserts
Ideal for interrupted-drilling jobs on hard metals under unstable conditions, even at zero speed. Feature shank sizes ranging from 36 to 70 mm that can be clamped on coolant-fed hydraulic holders or Waldon-type toolholders
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  • Screw Machine Length Drill Bits
Short-length drill bits featuring a self-centring split-point design suitable for low-thrust applications with portable screw machines
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  • Taper Length Drill Bits
A940 and A941 heavy-duty taper length drill bits designed to reduce thrust requirements in old-style wood screws. Feature spiral flutes in the size range 29 - 166 mm
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  • Taper Shank Drill Bits
Carbide drill bits featuring a 1 / 2 / 3 Morse taper shank to allow direct removal of the chuck assembly. Available in lengths up to 460 mm ideal for extra-long drilling jobs in soft or non-ferrous materials
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