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Dorian Tool offers a wide range of metalworking tools used to simplify machining processes. The Dorian Tools catalogue includes various cutting, knurling and milling tools, such as cut-off blades, boring bars and inserts for various manual and CNC machines. Milling cutters are used in various milling machines and have deep helical groove flutes with sharp tooth responsible for cutting and chipping of materials. Dorian knurling tools are available in different diameters, patterns and shanks, used in various knurl forming and cutting applications. The company also manufactures a variety of round shank tools for boring applications and milling cutters with different angles for square shoulder, dovetail and chamfer milling applications. The Dorian Cutting Tools category includes various turning tools, parting and grooving tools, and threading tools used in various machining industries. A variety of tool holders for boring bars, drill chucks, and turning and threading tools are also available in different sizes and dimension types under the Dorian Tool Holders range.

  • Boring Bars
Includes a variety of left-hand and right-hand Dorian boring bars for various internal machining applications and for enlarging existing holes. Available in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses
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Products (275)
  • Collet Tool Post and Holder Sets
Quick-change tool post and holder sets for boring bars, knurling tools and turning tools. Widely used in CNC and manual lathes and available in 5 - 14-piece variants
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Products (38)
  • Cut-Off Blades
Slot grip indexable cut-off blades featuring positive stop for preventing insert drift. Designed to create cuts with increased depth and are ideal for parting and grooving applications
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Products (18)
  • General Turning Tools
Includes various turning tool holders in different shapes, mounting styles, lead angles and lengths
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Products (266)
  • Indexable Toolholders
ANSI-certified indexable turning and threading tool holders featuring a multi-lock design and a square / on-edge shank
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Products (4)
  • Knurling Tool Accessories
Includes D, M and O Series knurl wheels in straight, right-hand diagonal and left-hand diagonal patterns. Made of high-speed steel and follow DIN 403 standards
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Products (41)
  • Knurling Tools
Used for creating straight, diagonal and diamond knurl patterns that ensure a tight grip on the surface. Available in different diameters and shanks
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Products (47)
  • Milling Inserts
Square / triangular cutting and milling inserts used in machining steels, cast iron, alloys and non-ferrous materials
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Products (2)
  • Parting and Grooving Tools
Includes various parting and grooving blade holders in different heights, lengths and widths. Available in right or left cutting directions
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Products (13)
  • Parts
Includes various Dorian lock pins, finger clamps and finger clamp screws
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Products (52)
  • Thread Turning Tools
Includes a variety of threading tool holders in different shapes, mounting styles, shanks and lengths
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Products (116)
  • Tool Holders
On-edge triangular threading cartridges used with D35CXA-881, D40CA-881, V35TC-881 and V40TC-881 threading tool holders for external thread cutting
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Products (1)
  • Tool Posts
OSHA-compliant quick-change tool posts used to hold cutting tools. Feature heavy-duty construction and are used in various CNC and manual lathes
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Products (12)
  • Toolholders
Contains various Dorian tool holders for boring bars, drill chucks and collets in different sizes and dimension types
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Products (66)
  • Turning Inserts
Triangular turning inserts made from carbide with TiN coating for maximum corrosion resistance. Used in steel machining and available in clamp and screw, and Torx screw mounting styles
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