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Clamp Accessories

Includes mounting bases, grippers and miniature rail thruster slides used for improved handling, strokes & precision and to mount clamps. 604 mounting clamp base accessory ideal for use with 602, 604 & 624 Series clamps

Mounting Base

Mounting Base

Item: AG3QXX
Model: 604106
$14.84 /unit
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Proximity Sensor Mount Swivel Series Gr1
Item: AG3QXY
Model: CPI-GPM-15-18
$375.11 /unit
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Mini Ball Rail Slide, 7Mm X 25Mm, Stroke
Item: AH2HCF
Model: DLM-07M-25-25-P
$513.21 /unit
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Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps

Manual toggle clamps designed for push / pull clamping operations. Feature carbon / stainless steel construction in a low height design having a maximum holding capacity of 7500 lb. Equipped with a forged iron bar, U-Bar or J-Hook clamp bar and flange base

Horizontal Hold Down Clamp, Height Under Clamp 1.61 Inch, Arm Length 2.19 Inch
Item: AJ8BAP
Model: 846
$720.16 /unit
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Cam Action Clamp, 5.26 Inch Clamping Arm, 1000 lb
Item: AJ8BJW
Model: 229
$132.83 /unit
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Hold Down Action Clamp, 4.88 Inch Clamp Arm, 1000 lb
Item: AJ8BJY
Model: 245-U
$83.36 /unit
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Plier Clamps

Also known as squeeze action clamps; lock automatically when closing and are used in quick and flexible clamping. Feature the Destaco trigger release mechanism for single-handed operations and available in carbon steel and forged alloy steel materials

Squeeze Action Clamp, Jaw Width 0.75 Inch, Jaw Depth 2.92 Inch
Item: AJ8BDL
Model: 431
$53.06 /unit
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Squeeze Action Plier Clamp, 500 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AJ8BLD
Model: 425
$77.00 /unit
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Plier Clamp, Squeeze Action, 500 Lb Holding Cap.
Item: AJ8BLE
Model: 435
$81.36 /unit
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Pneumatic Clamps

Hold-down, straight-line and swing / pull action pneumatic clamps ideal for quick clamping operations in repetitive production operations. Air-actuated cylinder clamps featuring Toggle Lock Plus technology in selected models for safe clamping

Replacement Clamp, Cylinder Bore 1.57 Inch, Holding Capacity 2500 Lbs.
Item: AJ8BDV
Model: 830-RC
$140.76 /unit
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Replacement Clamp, 2495.38 Lb Load Cap.
Item: AJ8BKP
Model: 830-LC
$209.19 /unit
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Replacement Clamp, 3015 N Clamping Force
Item: AJ8BMP
Model: 803-LC
$137.01 /unit
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Pneumatic Hold Down Clamp, Height Under Clamp 2.25 Inch, Arm Length 4.87 Inch
Item: AJ8BHU
Model: 847-S-RC
$116.24 /unit
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Swing/Toggle Clamp, Aluminium, Horizontal Clamping Arm
Item: AC8PHJ
Model: 81L20-10100
$777.86 /unit
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Swing/Toggle Clamp, Steel Arm, 708 Lb Holding Cap.
Item: AC8PHK
Model: 81L20-14100
$777.86 /unit
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Pneumatic Power Clamp, Front & Side Mounting, 885 In-Lb
Item: AC8PHL
Model: 81L25-10100
$783.86 /unit
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About the Brand

Destaco, A Dover Company, has been offering a wide variety of material-holding clamps for more than 85 years. Its products are used in clamping, gripping and transferring of tools and workpieces in various woodworking and metalworking applications. Destaco Clamps catalogue includes manual toggle clamps, straight line clamps, pneumatic clamps, pull-action latch clamps and plier clamps. The brand's straight line action clamps are designed to bear a wide range of loads for applications in fixturing, testing and plastic injection moulding. Destaco 603 Series straight line action clamps can be locked in both extended and retracted positions to be used as either a push or a pull clamp. The brand also manufactures models featuring a secondary lock (Toggle Lock Plus) mechanism to prevent unintentional clamp opening. Destaco 604 Series straight line action clamps feature adaptable and compact models. These clamps come with a threaded body providing through hole mounting and are available in a stainless steel design. Choose from a range of these high-quality products, available in a variety of bar sizes and styles, dimensions, materials and load-holding capacities on Raptor Supplies.