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Hand Tools


  • Clamp Accessories

    Used to provide extra functionality, such as adjustment of clamping height and length. Include grippers, mounting bases and sensors in different dimensions

  • Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps

    Low-profile clamps featuring a solid or U-shaped clamping bar with a handle that can be operated either from side or from behind. Available in compact, standard and heavy-duty variants and ideal for use in confined spaces

  • Plier Clamps

    Also known as squeeze action clamps; lock automatically when closing and are used in quick and flexible clamping. Feature the Destaco trigger release mechanism for single-handed operations and available in carbon steel and forged alloy steel materials

  • Pneumatic Clamps

    Operate on air-actuated cylinders and ideal for quick clamping applications in repetitive manufacturing operations. Available in hold-down, straight line and swing / pull action models

  • Straight Line Clamps

    Clamps with a push / pull handle that moves the plunger in and out along its axis. Can lock in two positions and available in standard, threaded body and heavy-duty designs with a maximum load bearing capacity of 16000 lb

  • Toggle Clamp Spindle Assemblies

    Includes a variety of flat-tip, swivel foot and neoprene spindles in both metric and SAE sizes. Supplied with jam nuts for clamping distance adjustments

  • Vertical Handle Toggle Clamps

    Heavy-duty vertical toggle clamps with a maximum holding capacity of 5000 lb. Feature a solid or U-shaped hold-down bar with a minimum opening angle of 90 degrees and a straight or flange-mounted base. Variants with a Toggle Lock Plus feature, for locking the clamp in open position, also available


Pneumatic System Components

  • Cylinder Position Sensors

    Used to sense the position of the cylinder piston and are mounted on the cylinders externally. Have a metal enclosure and available in band clamp and tie rod mounting variants

  • Pneumatic Grippers

    Pneumatic actuator gripping tools that operate on compressed air; include various parallel grippers in double wedge, low profile and wide body variants. Ideal for confined space applications

Distribution Equipment

  • Pneumatic Tubing

    Thin-walled aluminium tubing of 199 mm diameter and 609.6 mm length. Used for safe and efficient transportation of materials

HVAC and Refrigeration

HVAC Controls

  • Pneumatic Damper Actuators

    Low-profile, medium-duty rotary actuators featuring 180 degrees rotation. Used in confined space and precision rotary positioning applications


Hydraulic System Components

  • Hydraulic Industrial Cylinder Mounts

    Aluminium base mount clamps widely used in spider grip tools and in applications that require high clamping force. Available in a four-hole mounting style

Destaco has been offering a wide variety of material-holding clamps for more than 85 years. Its products are used in clamping, gripping and transferring of tools and workpieces in various woodworking and metalworking applications. The Destaco Clamps catalogue includes manual toggle clamps, straight line clamps, pneumatic clamps, pull-action latch clamps and plier clamps. The brand's straight line action clamps are accustomed to bear a wide range of loads for applications in fixturing, testing and plastic injection moulding. Destaco 603 Series straight line action clamps can be locked in both extended and retracted positions to be used as either a push or a pull clamp. Destaco also manufactures models featuring a secondary lock (Toggle Lock Plus) mechanism to prevent unintentional clamp opening. These high-quality products are available in a variety of bar sizes and styles, dimensions, materials and load-holding capacities at Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Destaco clamps distributor.