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DBI-SALA is a premier 3M brand and a leading manufacturer of fall protection and rescue products for applications in construction, oil & gas, and transportation industries. The DBI-SALA Fall Protection Equipment range includes anchors, confined space hoist frames, fall protection kits, confined space entry accessories, carabiners and guardrails. These DBI-SALA carabiners are designed to quickly and reversibly connect components weighing up to 310 lb (141 kg) in safety-critical systems. These OSHA-complaint carabiners feature stainless-steel construction that provides maximum corrosion resistanc against the toughest environments, and self-closing and triple-action locking gate for additional safety. The brand’s confined space hoist frames are designed for manhole and confined entry / retrieval. These frames feature lightweight, corrosion-resistant aluminium construction and a unique foot level and height adjustment system. Choose from an extensive range of these DBI-SALA products, along with confined space tripods, fall rescue devices and body belts on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised DBI-SALA distributors.  

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