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Dayco is a leading manufacturer of engine products and drive systems for various automobile, construction and industrial applications. The Dayco Automotive product line includes automotive belts, rubber hoses, rubber hose accessories, belt tensioners and tensioner pulleys. The company uses latest technology to manufacture accessory drive belts for a cooler running belt with longer lifespan. The Dayco Belts catalogue includes automotive V-belts, Serpentine Belts, Snow / ATV V-Belts and Truck V-Belts in different lengths and widths.Dayco also offers a complete line of belt tensioners and tension pulleys. Dayco belt tensioners are designed to provide less vibrations with increased operating range. The company's rubber hoses have a knitted rayon inner base making them ideal for carrying radiator fluids. These rubber hoses are available in fuel injection, metal exhaust, silicone heater and silicone coolant hose variants in different diameter, length and working pressure options.

  • Automotive Belts
V belts and Serpentine belts designed with specially treated cords that prevent stretching and ensure length stability for correct tensioning between different engine drive components. Provide resistance to abrasion and grease
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  • Belt Tensioners and Tension Pulleys
Used to keep car and truck belts tightened to provide proper tension on the engine belts. Available in both light and heavy-duty variants
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  • Rubber Hose Accessories
Includes coolant elbows, metal exhaust clamps and turbo sleeves used while fixing and replacing damaged hoses
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  • Rubber Hoses
Fuel injection, metal exhaust, heavy-duty radiator and silicone hoses used for carrying radiator fluids. Meet SAE J30R7/ SAE J1527 standards and available in different lengths, materials and diameters
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