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Crosby is a leading manufacturer of premium accessories used in rigging, lifting and material handling applications. The company’s product catalogue includes wire rope end fittings, shackles, sling saver fittings, hooks and swivels. The brand’s wire rope clips are used to secure wire rope ends while turning back to form a loop. These ASME B30.26 compliant wire ropes have a galvanised / painted finish to resist corrosion and rusting. Crosby bolt-type shackles are designed to handle a maximum load of 50000 kg which makes them suitable for heavy-duty clamping and lifting applications. These shackles are ideal for permanent and long-term installations where the load may slide on the shackle pin, causing the pin to rotate. Choose from a wide range of chain and cable hooks, spring latches, sleeve and thimble kits on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Crosby distributor.

  • Chain and Cable Hooks
Swivel eye slip hooks made of high-strength carbon steel to handle loads up to 20000 lb
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  • Shackles And Accessories
Tempered and quenched carbon steel Crosby shackles available in screw pin, round pin and bolt-type anchors having a maximum load-holding capacity of 110000 lb. Suitable for heavy-duty clamping in land-based, offshore and construction industries
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  • Sleeve and Thimble Kits
EN 13411-6:2003 and ASME B30.26 compliant cast steel wedge sockets with an efficiency rating of 80%. Commonly used for securing tail of the wire rope
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  • Spring Latches
Steel made spring latches with heavy duty stamped latch interlocks ideal for swiftly engaging and disengaging doors, compartments and panels
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  • Wire Rope Clips
ASME B30.26 compliant wire rope and fist grip clips with an 80 - 90% efficiency rating. Used for strongly clamping loose ends of the wire rope
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