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Coxreels offers a wide range of professional-grade hose, cord and cable reels for pressure washing, arc welding / grounding, chemical fluid transfer, hydro seeding and spraying operations. The company also manufactures spring-driven reels, EZ coil reels, hand crank reels, motorised reels and related accessories.
Coxreels EZ coil hose reels have a steel base and feature a removable cartridge-style motor and a full-flow NPT swivel made from brass. These reels have CNC spun and ribbed discs with rolled edges for hose protection and high durability. Choose from a wide range of these quality hose reels and other Coxreels replacement parts, such as swivels, garden hose kits and hose roller guides on Raptor Supplies.

Air Hose/Electrical Cord Combination Reels
  • Air Hose/Electrical Cord Combination Reels
Combine two hose reels in one compact assembly and ideal for applications requiring two sources. Available in hose lengths up to 50 ft and have a maximum operating temperature of 150 degrees F
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Cable Reels
  • Cable Reels
Spring retractable cable reels and galvanised steel static discharge cable kits designed for use in combustible environments. The kits feature high visibility orange vinyl cable covers and are suitable for both spring-driven and hand crank reels.
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Extension Cord Reels
  • Extension Cord Reels
Includes commercial and industrial grade retractable and hand-wind cord reels to safely wind electrical cords and protect them from damage. Also help in avoiding tangling and kinking of cords
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Gas Welding Hose Reels
  • Gas Welding Hose Reels
Used for providing better stability and structural integrity during operation. Have a larger chassis and frame for long welding hoses and ideal for managing bulky twin-line welding hoses
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Hose Reel Accessories
  • Hose Reel Accessories
Includes plastic and stainless-steel garden hose kits, hose roller guides and assemblies in different lengths
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Hose Reel Mounting Brackets
  • Hose Reel Mounting Brackets
Used for vertical as well as horizontal surface mounting and allow the reel to swing and swivel freely up to 354 degrees. Available in wall mount, slide mount, horizontal mount swivel and other variants
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Motor Driven and Hand Crank Hose Reels
  • Motor Driven and Hand Crank Hose Reels
Steel made hose reels designed for applications where long hose length is required. Available in powder-coat finish for durability
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  • Parts
Includes Nitrile, Viton, EPDM and Fluoroelastomer swivel seal kits; brass / steel swivels and solid rubber ball stops designed to replace damaged hose reel parts
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Spring Return Hose Reels
  • Spring Return Hose Reels
Designed to keep hoses organised and safe against any damage. Have lubricated bearings to facilitate smooth rotation and offered in rust inhibiting and chip-resistant CPC powder-coat finish
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