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Cotterman has been offering a full range of OSHA and ANSI compliant industrial ladders for more than 90 years. The company's product line includes ladders, crossover bridges, step stands and stools, self-closing safety gates, personnel lifts, work platforms and aluminium railings. The Cotterman Ladder catalogue incorporates a wide range of steel / aluminium rolling ladders, super duty ladders, folding ladders, office ladders, fixed ladders, track ladders, storage tank ladders and lift table ladders. The heavy-duty Cotterman fixed ladders are designed to ensure safe vertical climbing access. They are fixed permanently to the structure and come with or without safety cages. These ladders are available in different sizes and load-holding capacities.

  • Cross-Over Ladders
Intended to provide safe walkways over hazardous and unmovable obstacles such as conveyor belts, containment rings and heavy machines. Available in steel or aluminium with perforated / serrated steps and platforms
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Products (14)
  • Dock Ladders
Walk-thru ladders specifically designed for providing safe access to docks and mezzanines. Feature a welded steel construction with a grey powder coating for durability and flat supports for easy mounting. Can bear a maximum load of 300 lb
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Products (3)
  • Fixed Ladders
Ideal for application where safe vertical climbing access is required. Feature steel construction and combination shoes with slip-resistant rubber pads. Offered in different heights and load capacities
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Products (98)
  • Grating Channels Flooring Rungs and Treads
Includes manual / spring-loaded fold-up steps featuring a steel serrated tread plate with debossed holes for providing slip resistance and improved traction. Ideal for confined space applications in warehouses and mezzanines
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Products (2)
  • Ladder Safety Cages
Mounted on side railings of fixed ladders to reduce the impact of a sudden free fall. Feature a welded-steel structure and are compatible with a wide range of ladders
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Products (6)
  • Parts
Includes replacement parts for Cotterman ladders, such as crutch tips, rubber pads, rigid wheels and casters; supplied with mounting hardware
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Products (6)
  • Personnel Lifts
Ideal for overhead jobs not possible with a regular ladder, such as changing lights and picking stocks. Feature a push-around drive for easy mobility and phenolic casters to bear loads up to 300 lb
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Products (1)
  • Rolling Ladder Accessories
Accessory trays, front gates, a pegboard pyramids and rear side gates used to customise ladders according to work requirements
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Products (4)
  • Rolling Ladders
Steel / aluminium portable Cotterman rolling ladders featuring a foot-operated safety lock and handrails to avoid accidents while working. Ideal for warehouses and stockrooms
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Products (720)
  • Step Stools
Portable aluminium / steel step stools featuring a 1- / 3-stepped structure. Used to reach higher shelves and ideal for applications in warehouses and stockrooms
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Products (3)
  • Track Ladder Accessories
Includes track sections and track-mounted end stops used with track ladders for better performance
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Products (6)
  • Track Ladders
Single- / dual-track ladders for convenient access to tall shelving in limited storage areas and narrow aisles. Feature a smooth track fixture and wheels for easy lateral movement
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Products (36)
  • Work Platforms
Feature adjustable height to raise or lower a worker to provide optimal working height. Help in minimising back injury risks and fatigue. Available in serrated / solid treads
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Products (183)