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Cleco Tools is a brand of Apex Tool Group that manufactures high-quality assembly and material removal tools for use in electronics and industrial assembly operations. The brand's handheld air tools are designed for safety critical operations and offer high-speed and accuracy. The Cleco Air Tools catalogue includes a wide range of lightweight screwdrivers, impact wrenches, die grinders, needle scalers and nut runners ideal for light- and medium-duty applications. Choose from a wide range of these power tools on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Cleco Tools distributors.

  • Air Grinders
Industrial-grade air powered grinders to smoothen metal joints after welding; cut and shape metal workpieces; and remove excess paint, primer or material from a surface
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  • Air Impact Wrenches
Light-, general- and industrial-duty air powered wrenches with high torque to fasten / loosen nuts and bolts quickly. Ideal for automotive maintenance, repair and assembly applications
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  • Air Screwdrivers
Air powered screwdrivers used in low-torque applications to tighten / loosen screws. Feature a precision-shut-off clutch and available in 1/4 and 1/8 inch NPT air inlet variants
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  • Die Grinders
Lightweight and ergonomic in-line air die grinders used in different grinding, polishing, sanding and deburring applications. Available in different hp variants with a maximum speed of 25000 rpm
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  • Needle Scalers
General-duty air powered needle scalers with straight handles and square shanks to remove rust, paint or scale from surfaces in metal fabrication, automotive and woodworking industries
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  • Nut Runners
Nut runners with broad torque coverage for fast nut rundown and removal of small and large bolts. Feature 90-degree run heads to provide easy access to tight locations
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  • Parts
Includes replacement spindles and gear bushings for different Cleco assembly and material removal tools
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