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Chrislynn has been manufacturing high-quality threaded inserts to create new threads or repair damaged internal threads. The Chrislynn Inserts catalogue comprises precision helical, rock solid (K-Type) and E-Z Fix inserts. These threaded inserts are widely used in mining, oil drilling & refining, automotive, avionics and power generation industries.
The brand's locking and free-running precision helical inserts are available in stainless steel, phosphor-bronze, INCONEL X750 or Nitronic 60. You can order these Chrislynn threaded inserts and other products such as motor adapters and drill bits on Raptor Supplies, an authorised distributor of the brand.

  • Drill Bit and Tap Sets
Used to tap and drill a variety of materials including wood, soft metals, PVC and fibreglass
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Products (101)
  • Key Locking Inserts
Includes carbon-steel and stainless-steel solid threaded inserts and blanks used to repair stripped, damaged and worn-out threads. Available in different lengths and drill sizes
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Products (219)
  • Parts
Include air installation tool parts such as air motors and motor adapters, as well as helical inserts for use in spark plugs. Available in standard and metric thread types and different insert lengths and sizes
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Products (18)
  • Thread Insert Kits
Includes UNC / UNF / BSP / BSW / BSF / Standard / Metric thread insert kits comprising a threaded installation tool, a drill, a high-speed steel STI plug tap, a tang break-off punch and multiple inserts. Help to facilitate installation of new or removal of stripped threaded inserts
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Products (561)
  • Thread Insert Tools
High-quality steel / carbon steel installation, combination, breaker and extraction tools designed for easy installation of new or removal of old helical style inserts from threaded holes
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Products (464)
  • Thread Repair Inserts
Suitable for repairing damaged threaded holes in softer materials like aluminium and reinforced plastics. Feature stainless-steel construction and offered in different internal thread sizes and insert lengths
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Products (894)