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Cherne Industries is a market leader in pipe plug and testing equipment manufacturing. The company's product line includes high-quality pneumatic test balls, mechanical test plugs, testing tools / equipment and related accessories, such as proving rings, manhole smoke blowers and cover lifters, drain openers and pressure testing hoses.
The durable and rugged Cherne Test Ball features Rupture Disc technology to help avoid plug over-inflation. The Test-Ball also helps in the maintenance and installation of sanitary sewer piping systems, as well as the pressure testing and blocking of DWV systems. Cherne pipe plug is designed for applications in concrete and clay pipes, stack testing of DWV systems and testing of water lines. It is available in natural rubber, ABS plastic, galvanised steel, aluminium and polypropylene.

Drain Openers
  • Drain Openers
Can quickly open blocked drain pipes or clogged drains. Available in different sizes and compatible with garden hose fittings
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Manhole Cover Accessories
  • Manhole Cover Accessories
Includes manhole jacks and manhole rollers with a hose guide. Available in zinc-plated and nickel-plated steel
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Manhole Cover Lifters
  • Manhole Cover Lifters
Includes steel made manhole cover hooks designed for heavy lifting. Available in different overall heights and lengths
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Manhole Guard Rail Winches
  • Manhole Guard Rail Winches
Manhole winches with a 500 ft long cable used to drag plugs in locating leaks. Made of steel and have a normal pull-strength of up to 550 lb
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Manhole Smoke Blowers
  • Manhole Smoke Blowers
Used with traditional smoke bombs or liquid smoke and generate air flow up to 3,769 cubic feet per minute. Available with a Briggs & Stratton engine and feature a 1/2-inch foam cell gasket that ensures a leak-free seal on manholes
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Pipe and Test Plugs
  • Pipe and Test Plugs
High-quality Cherne plugs, such as pipe plugs, Test-Ball plugs, Muni-Ball plugs, locking plugs and test gauges, ideal for installation and repair of sewage and sanitary systems
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Pneumatic Test Plug Accessories
  • Pneumatic Test Plug Accessories
Includes Remo poles and pole adapters, Air-Loc fans, test pumps, pro test pumps and air test extension hoses. Available in forged steel, cast aluminium, rubber and zinc
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