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Channellock is a leading ISO 9001-certified manufacturer of high-quality pliers and professional hand tools used for maintenance work in electronic, electrical, aerospace and plumbing industries. The extensive Channellock catalogue includes adjustable wrenches, cable and wire crimping tools, diagonal cutters, linesman pliers, tapping tools and sockets sets. The Channellock Pliers catalogue incorporates linesman, long / needle nose, and tongue and groove pliers. These pliers are used for bending, cutting, holding, gripping and twisting wires, cables and small metal components, and are available in different handle designs, materials and overall lengths. The company also offers heavy-duty diagonal, cable and wire cutters, which are made of high-carbon-steel and are available in different overall lengths and handle designs. Choose from a wide range of these high-quality Channellock tools on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised brand distributors.

  • Adjustable Wrenches
Products (22)
  • Diagonal Cutters
Products (14)
  • Hooks and Picks
Products (1)
  • Linesman Pliers
Products (4)
  • Nippers and Nibblers
Products (6)
  • Oil Filter Wrenches
Products (1)
  • Plier Sets
Products (14)
  • Scratch Awls
Products (1)
  • Socket Sets
Products (1)
  • Specialty Pliers
Products (5)
  • Tapping Tools
Products (1)
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