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About Caulk-ez

Headquartered in Wisconsin, USA, CAULK-EZ produces an aerosol caulk tooling aid that allows users to obtain a perfect caulk bead in a fraction of time without a mess. It keeps the extra caulk from clinging to your fingers or surrounding surfaces. CAULK-EZ is designed for all caulks and surfaces like stone, tile & solid surface materials. It also creates a perfect bead of caulk in terms of aesthetics and smooth edges, preventing cracking, peeling and leaking. CAULK-EZ is non-flammable, odourless and may cover up to 400 feet of caulk in one application.
Customers searching for CAULK-EZ caulk tooling aid can look for the model, item or cross-reference number on our website. We also source direct alternatives for various old and discontinued products with no minimum order quantity required for placing orders.