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About Cable Prep

Cable Prep is a leading provider of tools for installing telecommunications systems. Its catalogue includes cable & wire cutters, dieless crimpers, micrometre torque wrenches, carpet installation tools and connector tools for drop-cable, hard-line, fibre & wireless applications. Cable Prep AIO (All-In-One) Series cable strippers are handheld tools used for removing the protective coating of an electric wire in order to replace or repair the wire. They simultaneously strip back the jacket & core the dielectric and include a cable beveling tool to strip back & bevel the outer conductor. These AIO stripping / coring tools work on 0.412 to 0.875 inch coaxial cables and can be used in place of the brand's JCS and SCT tools. Cable Prep dieless crimpers provide an easy way to insert & attach all cable compression connectors that are used in drop cable applications. These Universal plunger tips support all connector types within a class, without the need to recalibrate the factory-set plunger throw or change the tip. The insertion ports are moulded into the tool to remove the need for a separate insertion tool. Choose from a wide range of Cable Prep cable & wire cutters, wire strippers & cable slitters, micrometre torque wrenches, connector tools and general hand tool kits on Raptor Supplies.