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About Cs Johnson

Cs Johnson is a global leader in providing lifeline fittings such as swageless clevis, stud and eye fittings, turnbuckles, pelican hooks, toggle jaws, steel cables, stanchion terminals and cable fasteners for marine industry. The brand's swageless clevis fittings offers high resistance to corrosion even in saltwater and are therefore ideal for ideal for rigging small boats and use in cable assembly. Cs Johnson also manufactures stainless steel wire cables (up to 500 ft) with a maximum workload limit of 1400 lb for heavy lifting and hoisting in cranes and elevators, and for transmission of mechanical power. Choose from a wide range of Cs Johnson swage and swageless wire rope fittings and lifeline fittings, such as cotter pins, clevis pins, rigging pins and quick release pins, on Raptor Supplies.