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Gas Detection


Replacement Parts

BW Technologies, a Honeywell brand, offers a complete line of portable and low-maintenance single-gas and multi-gas detectors. Its extensive catalogue includes automated gas detector systems, gas cylinder regulators, single- / multi-gas detectors, gas detector battery chargers, cases, interface hardware and sample draw pumps. Automated gas detection systems (Micro Dock 2) from BW Technologies are designed with Fleet Manager II software for easy data analysis and are therefore ideal for bump tests and calibration services, as well as for charging and managing records for the BW gas detectors. These light-weight systems feature LED indicators for easy indication of operation status and results and do not require additional computer connectivity as they automatically verify the performance of audible and visual alarms. BW Technologies single- / multi-gas detectors can detect hazardous / toxic gases and oxygen deficiency in various industrial equipment, like boilers, sewers, industrial plants and other underground sites. These OSHA- and NIOSH-compliant detectors are available in different battery type and battery life options. Choose from a wide range of these gas detectors and related accessories and replacement parts, available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised BW Technologies distributor.