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Bussmann is a leading manufacturer of circuit protection, power management and electrical safety equipment. The extensive Bussmann Fuse catalogue includes glass fuses, ceramic fuses, semiconductor fuses, fuse blocks (1-phase / 2 phase / 3 phase), midget fuses, speciality fuses and fuse holders. Midget fuses, such as fast-acting and time-delaying fuses, are used to ensure proper time variations required for time-specific applications. Bussmann fuse holders, such as in-line fuse holders and modular fuse holders, are designed for protecting and holding fuses used in sophisticated electronic equipment. The company also manufactures various circuit fuse accessories, such as fuse pullers, fuse covers, fuse kits and fuse links, for maintenance of fuses and electrical safety circuits. Shop from a wide range of these circuit fuse accessories and fuses, including automotive fuses and solar fuses (blade / cylindrical), on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Bussmann fuse distributors.

  • 5 X 20mm Glass and Ceramic Fuses
Includes a wide range of IEC-compliant GDA, GDB, GDC, GMA, GMC and GMD Series Bussmann fuses. Available in fast-acting / time-delay fuse variants in glass and ceramic
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Products (227)
  • American Glass and Ceramic Fuses
Includes indicating and non-indicating Eaton Bussmann fuses for small appliance circuits. Offered in single / dual elements and glass / ceramic variants with nickel-plated brass end caps
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Products (227)
  • ANL and ANN Limiter Fuses
UL-recognised fast-acting and time-delay circuit protection devices with high-speed response to short-circuit currents. Available in different current interrupting rates
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Products (37)
  • Automotive Fuses
Indicating / non-indicating, plastic and glass body automotive fuses featuring enclosed elements to provide protection against shocks and corrosion. Available in bolt-on, blade and cylindrical body variants
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Products (90)
  • Automotive Mini Circuit Breakers
Provide electrical overload protection for trucks, buses and RVs. Available in auto, modified and manual reset variants
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Products (79)
  • Battery Accessories
Top and side post battery disconnect switch kits including an anti-theft master switch, an ATM-20 fuse, an HHM fuse holder, ring terminals and stainless-steel bolt / wing nuts
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Products (2)
  • British and IEC Fuses
Low / medium voltage fuses used to provide overload and short-circuit protection. Feature ceramic / fibreglass construction and available in blade, cylindrical and bolt-on styles
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Products (30)
  • Circuit Protection Devices
1- / 2- / 3-pole thermal-magnetic circuit protectors used to protect electrical circuits from overcurrent. Feature load- and line-side box lugs to provide easy track-mounting and have a maximum current interrupting rate of 200 kAIC
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Products (19)
  • Class CC Fuses
Time-delay, AC current-limiting and rejection-type fuses with a melamine construction; used for protecting downstream components from damaging thermal and magnetic effects of short-circuits
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Products (99)
  • Class D - Milk Bottle - Fuses
Single and dual element fuses rated up to 100 amperes; used in various general industrial applications, such as power distribution and cable protection. Available in fast acting and time delay variants
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Products (26)
  • Class G Fuses
UL-listed ceramic / melamine current limiting devices used in branch circuits for protection against over-fusing. Available in time delay and fast acting variants
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Products (23)
  • Class J Fuses
UL-listed and CSA-certified time-delay Class J fuses that can limit up to 600-volt AC current. Ideal for confined space applications because of their compact size
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Products (165)
  • Class L Fuses
UL-listed and CSA-certified KRP-CL, KLU, KRP-C and KTU Series fuses; used in AC power distribution systems and for non-inductive heating and lighting loads. Come in dual and single element types
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Products (37)
  • Class RK1 Fuses
Includes KTN-R, KTS-R, KWS-R, LPN-RK-SP, LPN-RK-SPI, LPS-RK-SP and LPS-RK-SPI Series fuses. Popularly called extreme current limiting fuses for effectively eliminating circuit damage
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Products (177)
  • Class RK5 Fuses
Includes indicating and non-indicating Bussmann RK5 fuses featuring a time-delay and current-limiting fuse to interrupt up to 200 KA current
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Products (174)
  • Class T Fuses
Fast acting fuses offering high current limitation with 200 kA of maximum interrupting rating. Feature a compact design for easy installation in electric heat circuits, load centres and meters
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Products (71)
  • Fast Acting Midget Fuses
Fast-acting and compact fuses with a quick response to overloads and short-circuits. Ideal for protection of non-inductive loads, such as resistive and lighting circuits
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Products (100)
  • Flashers Turn Signal Switches
Feature a built-in timer circuit and relay used to maintain a steady flash rate in emergency flashers and blinkers. Available in thermal and variable load variants with options in 12 and 24 VDC voltage ratings
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Products (6)
  • Forklift Limiter Fuses
Includes bolt-on ALS Series fuses used to protect DC circuits in battery-operated systems and heavy-lifting machinery, such as fork lift trucks
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Products (5)
  • Fuse Blocks
Includes Bussmann fuse blocks with a maximum 700-volt power rating and an optional blown fuse indicator mechanism. Available for fuse series like FNQ, KLM, FNM, BAF and AGU
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Products (164)
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