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Burndy, a Hubbell brand, is leading provider of fittings, connectors and tools used in various electrical, commercial and maintenance applications. The Hubbell Burndy catalog includes connectors, crimping tools, wire gauges, batteries and cable / wire cutters. The high-quality Burndy crimping tools are insulated for safely bending, cutting and crimping wires. The Burndy Connectors range includes mechanical, wire, split bolt and lug compression connectors in different body materials and dimensions. Lug compression connectors are ideal for use with underground cables to establish an electrical connection in medium voltage configurations. Burndy compression lug studs offer excellent conductive connections and feature electro-tin plating for corrosion resistance and high tensile strength. Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Burndy distributors, offers a variety of Burndy products in different body materials, lengths and sizes.

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
Manual crimping tools and crimping tool kits used for cutting, bending or crimping cables and wires. Feature insulated coatings for shock protection
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Products (7)
  • Cable and Wire Cutters
Used to hold, cut or twist wires and cables. Feature a center-cut cutting action and offered in battery-actuated pistol-style and rugged-fiberglass non-slip handle options
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Products (8)
  • Cordless Crimpers
Battery operated crimping tools featuring a 14.4 / 18 V nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery for effortless crimping operation. Capable of generating a crimping force of up to 12 tons
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Products (6)
  • Cordless Tool Batteries
Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries used to power cordless tools like wire cutters or crimpers and are offered in 2.2 and 1.7 A/hr. battery variants
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Products (2)
  • Cordless Tool Battery Chargers
120 VAC battery chargers for use with battery actuated hydraulic wire cutters. Provides a battery capacity of up to 2.6 A/hr.
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Products (1)
  • Crimping Tool Dies
Type U / W / P dies for use with crimping tools to cut, bend or crimp a wire during connector installations. Available in lengths up to 10.65 inches
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Products (75)
  • High Force Hydraulic Electric Pumps
Lightweight pumps used to generate fluid flow in hydraulic power transmission systems and can bear pressure levels up to 10000 psi. Feature a 0.4 / 0.5 gallon aluminium reservoir and a 115 volt electric motor
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Products (2)
  • Hole Drill Bore and Wire Gauges
Stainless-steel wire gauges used for measuring inner and outer dimensions of ACSR, stranded and solid conductors, IPS tubings and thin-wall conduits
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Products (1)
  • Hydraulic Crimping Tool System
Feature a forged C-head for easy tool positioning in tight spaces and can generate a maximum crimping force of up to 24000 lbs. Both die- and dieless crimpers are available
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Products (5)
  • Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Assy.
Non-conductive hoses used for transferring fluid to hydraulic systems. Feature stackable male and female couplers at the ends and are capable of operating under up to 10000 psi pressure
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Products (1)
  • Lug Compression Connectors
Straight barrel / belled straight barrel / YAD / angled barrel connectors to establish an electrical connection with underground cables in medium voltage configurations
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Products (218)
  • Mechanical Connectors
Aluminium / copper / bronze / steel connectors used to connect a wire or a cable to a terminal in an electrical circuit. Feature slotted / hex heads for easy installation and are available in different minimum & maximum conductor sizes
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Products (242)
  • Splice Kits
Consists of an aluminium splice / reducer and a heavy-wall heat shrink sleeve and are ideal for use with copper and aluminium conductors. Can handle a maximum temperature of 194 degrees F
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Products (1)
  • Split Bolt Connectors
Feature a split square / hex head to secure the wire within the bolt itself and are used for grounding, bonding and burying applications in earth / concrete. Offered in copper alloy, aluminium, leaded bronze alloy and plastic variants
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Products (61)
  • Wire End Connectors
Adapters and jumper braids used for rewiring or reinforcing aluminium / copper conductors, panel board equipment and meter sockets. Available in different lengths, widths and diameters
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