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Power Transmission


  • Mounted Bearings

    Self-aligning and self-lubricating flange mounted bearings featuring bronze construction and aluminium housing. Available in different inside and outside diameters

  • Sleeve Bearings

    Used to provide linear movement between two parts with high mechanical stability and minimum friction. Have a bronze body and are available in composite, cast sleeve, Dri-plane, metric and oil-sleeve variants

  • Thrust Washers

     ASTM-compliant and self-lubricating bearings used to support heavy axial loads parallel to the axis of the shaft. Available in different lengths and diameters


Replacement Parts

  • Parts

    Includes ASTM-compliant and SAE 841 oil-impregnated powder metal bearing plates used to evenly distribute axial load across the surface of the workpiece

Raw Materials


  • Bronze Blanks, Flats, Bars, Plates and Sheet Stock

    Bronze cored bars and solid bars manufactured using a continuous casting process that provides a pore-free high density grain structure. Have an operating temperature range of -450 to 500 degrees F and offered in different diameters

Bunting Bearings offers a complete line of bearings and cast materials. Their product range includes bronze blanks, flats, bars, plates, sheet stocks and sleeve bearings. These bearings feature ASTM compliant design and specifications. Bunting cast bronze sleeve bearings are lead free and machined using a continuous casting process. They have a uniform bronze structure and are available in a variety of diameter and length options