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Brady is a leading manufacturer of safety, identification and compliance solutions to enhance the safety and security of customers. The Bradys product catalogue includes labels, printers, tapes and lockout tagouts. The brand’s hazardous material shipping labels feature vinyl construction that offers extreme weatherability and abrasion resistance. These Brady labels are designed to bond permanently with most surfaces while keeping the colours bright. The brand also manufactures air velocity indicators that feature pressure-sensitive adhesive to form a long-lasting bond on even the most difficult surfaces and shapes. These are made from polyester and can withstand temperature variations up to 230 F. Choose from a wide range of high-performance labels, anti-slip tapes, wire and cable crimping tools blank tags, and document displays on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Brady distributor.  

5S Red Tag Stations
  • 5S Red Tag Stations
Red tag wall-mounted binder stations designed for keeping a log of all assets that have been red tagged. Feature a polycarbonate backboard and wire rack to withstand extreme conditions
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Products (10)
Air Velocity Indicators
  • Air Velocity Indicators
Feature pressure-sensitive adhesives for a long-lasting bond with surfaces and shapes, and polyester construction to withstand harsh environments, abrasion, and repeated spills and cleanings
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Products (1)
Ammonia Refrigeration Pipe Markers
  • Ammonia Refrigeration Pipe Markers
IIAR-compliant coiled-pipe markers designed for marking rusty, dirty, wet or rough pipes where pressure-sensitive labels cannot be used. Feature vinyl / plastic construction and abrasion-, chemical- and weather-resistant properties
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Products (180)
Anti-Slip Tapes
  • Anti-Slip Tapes
Grit-coated anti-slip cleat tapes designed to provide traction on steps, slick floors and egress pathways. Feature water-resistant properties and acrylic adhesives that resist cracking and peeling. Available in black, clear and glow-in-the dark variants
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Products (13)
Barrier Flagging and Underground Tape Dispensers
  • Barrier Flagging and Underground Tape Dispensers
Feature polypropylene construction, a lightweight and easy-to-fill design, and steel safety cutting blades for fast and smooth cuts
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Products (1)
Barrier Flagging and Underground Tapes
  • Barrier Flagging and Underground Tapes
Biodegradable barricade tapes made of strong-woven cotton and featuring visual barricading to provide quick on-the-spot warning of potential danger. Detectable underground tapes and underground warning tapes also available
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Products (64)
Belt Barrier Receiver Posts
  • Belt Barrier Receiver Posts
Designed to create instant pedestrian barricades featuring a portable pedestrian control system and stainless-steel / standard steel construction. Different colours, lengths and post finishes available
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Products (2)
Bench Protectors and Liners
  • Bench Protectors and Liners
Feature polypropylene construction which enables quick absorption of liquid spills, preventing liquids from going through to the work surface and protecting the surface from stains, spills and wear
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Products (1)
Blank Tags
  • Blank Tags
Feature polyester construction and a self-laminating overlay to protect written information from water. Discard tags designed for adding on-the-spot customized notes and other information also available
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Products (60)
Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools
Feature a specially hardened wire cutter in the nose ideal for cutting 22 - 10 AWG electrical wires and cables, and a dipped handle for comfortable grip and durability
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Products (1)
Cable Lockouts
  • Cable Lockouts
Products (35)
Cable Ties
  • Cable Ties
Products (1)
Check and Foot Valves
  • Check and Foot Valves
Products (4)
Document Displays
  • Document Displays
Products (6)
DOT Labels
  • DOT Labels
Products (2)
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