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Boston Gear is a global leader in manufacturing quality power transmission products. The extensive Boston Gear Products catalog includes speed reducers, gears, jaw coupling hubs and spiders, shaft collars and air regulators. Boston Gear 700 Series speed reducers feature a case-hardened alloy-steel worm & shaft design with a large oil reservoir, to provide efficient heat dissipation and lubrication. These reducers are capable of delivering torques up to 9603 inch lb and a maximum gear ratio of 60:1. Boston spur gears are designed to transmit motion and power between parallel shafts and are offered in 14.5- and 20-degree pressure angle variants. The 14.5-degree gears provide a higher contact ratio for smooth operation and also help prevent backlash errors due to centre-distance between gears.

The company also offers a variety of Boston Gear parts, such as input / output oil seals and first-reduction gear kits, for replacement of old and worn-out components. These products are available in different materials and diameters on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Boston Gear distributor.

Air Regulators
  • Air Regulators
Aluminium air regulators used to control the outlet pressure of fluids within a range of 5 - 150 psi. Feature a balanced valve design for delivering flows up to 144 cfm and a 1/4 inch gauge port to connect to NPT pipes
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Gear Racks
  • Gear Racks
Includes a variety of steel-made gear racks equipped with up to 7.64 teeth/In. Ideal for steering systems to convert rotational motion into linear motion
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Products (12)
  • Gears
Includes spur gears, miter gears and spiral-bevel gears in steel and cast-iron. Available in different bore, hub and outside diameters
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Products (63)
Jaw Coupling Hubs
  • Jaw Coupling Hubs
Includes Boston Gear coupling hubs and bodies in stainless steel, sintered iron and steel variants. Ideal for uniform to heavy shock loads and variable torque applications
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Products (60)
Jaw Coupling Spiders
  • Jaw Coupling Spiders
Includes a variety of bronze, polypropylene and rubber jaw coupling spiders for applications requiring different vibration dampening and misalignment handling abilities
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Products (21)
Mounting Base
  • Mounting Base
Cast-iron / stainless-steel mounting bases for use with Boston speed reducers. Available in worm centre distances ranging between 1 and 3.25 inches
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Products (8)
  • Parts
Replacement accessories, such as input and output oil seals, and first reduction gear kits for use with Boston gears
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Products (3)
Shaft Collars
  • Shaft Collars
Steel shaft collars featuring a set screw coupling and 1.5 inch bore diameter for locking shafts during power transmission applications in motors and gearboxes
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Products (1)
Speed Reducers and Gear Drives
  • Speed Reducers and Gear Drives
Includes a wide range of Boston Gear speed reducers and gear drives offered in helical and worm gear variants with ball or roller bearings. Used in aerospace, marine and food and beverage industries
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Products (289)
Thrust Washers
  • Thrust Washers
Designed to support heavy axial loads and allow rotation between parts for aligning machine components along the shaft axis. Available in 3/8- and 2-inch bore diameters
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