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Behringer Corporation offers a complete line of high-quality mounting clamps for pipe, tube, cable and hose installations in various sanitary, agriculture and pharmaceutical industries. Behringer pipe or tube clamps are attached directly to horizontal or vertical piping systems to provide structural support. The company also manufactures a wide variety of stacking tube clamp kits containing a set of clamps with natural vibration-dampening characteristics that reduce noise and vibration and provide secure support to the pipe and tubing system. Choose from a wide variety of Behringer clamps, in single- and double-clamp configurations with either polypropylene or Santoprene as the insert material, on Raptor Supplies, a trusted Behringer pipe clamps distributor.

  • Tube Clamps
Used to provide vertical or horizontal structural support to various piping systems and reduce the effect of mechanical shock and vibrations. Available in single- and double-clamp configurations with polypropylene or Santoprene as the insert material
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