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Baldwin Filters is a global manufacturer of lube (oil), air, fuel, coolant and hydraulic filters for engine-powered equipment since 1936. The company offers an extensive range of oil filters for various heavy-duty and automotive applications. Baldwin oil filters are designed to remove contaminants from engine, transmission and hydraulic oils and prevent the engine from any catastrophic damage. Baldwin air filters increase engine life by ensuring proper air filtration around engine components. The extensive Baldwin Fuel Filters range includes more than 650 fuel filters, fuel managers, fuel / water separators and coalescers used to protect fuel system components (injection pumps and injectors) from contaminants. Baldwin hydraulic filters are designed to improve hydraulic system fluid cleanliness and minimise any damage to the system caused from oil contamination. A wide range of these high-performance filters is available in a variety of materials, filter designs, sizes and diameters on Raptor Supplies, a Baldwin Filters distributor.

  • Hydraulic Filter Elements
Includes a spin-on Baldwin hydraulic filter used to keep the hydraulic fluid free from contaminants and reduce any chance of damage to the hydraulic system from oil contamination
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  • Oil Air and Fuel Filters
Includes a wide range of Baldwin oil filters, fuel filters and hydraulic filters in different filter designs, materials and sizes. Also contains various filter accessories, such as gaskets, seals and O-rings
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