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With over 60 years of experience, B&K Precision Corporation has been offering a complete line of reliable and cost-effective electronic test and measurement instruments. Its product catalogue includes spectrum analysers, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters and LCR meters. B&K Precision power supplies are available in bench-type DC supply and AC supply variants. Digital and analogue oscilloscopes by B&K precision are widely used by engineers and technicians to analyse and display the waveform of various electronic signals. B&K precision multimeters are used by electrical contractors and technicians in repair and troubleshooting work. These portable devices can also be used to test various parameters such as continuity, capacitance / frequency measurement, diode test and transistor's gain level.

  • AC Power Supplies
Products (1)
  • Capacitor Testers
Products (1)
  • Digital Multimeters
Products (1)
  • Electronic Load
Products (19)
  • Frequency Counters
Products (1)
  • Function Generators
Products (17)
  • LCR Meter
Products (6)
  • Logic Probe
Products (1)
  • Oscilloscope Probes
Products (2)
  • Semiconductor Testers
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