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Circular Saw Blades

Circular Saw Blade, 10 Inch, Carbide Combination, Number of Teeth 40
Item: CD3VRQ
Model: P1040X
$64.49 /unit
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About Avanti

Avanti Pro Tools offers a wide variety of cutting tool blades used in various general-purpose and high-precision cutting tools. The company's product line includes various high-quality circular saw blades, such as metal-cutting blades, framing blades for wood and diamond-tipped blades for fiber cement. Avanti circular saw blades are made of high-quality steel with carbide reinforcement for better durability and feature thin-kerf design for better cutting performance. The brand's highly popular combination blades are ideal for general-purpose ripping and crosscutting in wood, pressure-treated plywood and various prefinished materials. These Avanti Pro saw blades are used with mitre, radial arm and table saws, and have carbide tips to create quick and clean cuts. Raptor Supplis is an authorised distributor for Avanti Pro.