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For over 94 years, Avalon Manufacturing has been providing doughnut & bakery equipment. Its extensive catalogue includes electric, pilot gas & ignition gas fryers; shortening filters, proofing cabinets, doughnut glazers, hot icing stations, ingredient bins, screen drains, cooling racks and pan dollies. Avalon ingredient bins are made of stainless steel and come with covered corners & slide-on stainless steel lids. These units are mounted on 3 inch non-marking swivel casters to allow easy mobility of ingredients from one place to another. Selected models have 2 or 3 compartments to separate bulk ingredients easily in one transportable unit. Avalon proofing cabinets have removable doors, inside racks, supports and heater units. These units feature exterior-mounted controls to adjust settings without opening the door. They are available in stainless steel and aluminium variants.
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