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Autonics is a leading Korean automation solutions provider offering services to manufacturing, automotive, food & beverage, packaging, pharmaceutical and electronics industries. The company's product line includes UL, CE and EAC certified sensors, controllers, motion devices, control switches, signal / tower lights, I / O blocks, cables and connectors.
The Autonics Sensors catalogue comprises photoelectric sensors, fibre optic sensors, area sensors, proximity sensors, pressure sensors and rotary encoders. Autonics photoelectric sensors are designed for detecting absence, presence or distance of objects with the help of a light transmitter and receiver. These sensors feature an NPN, PNP or relay circuit and can operate at temperatures ranging between -25 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. The company also offers high-performance two- and five-phase stepper motors that can convert electrical energy into rotational energy. These motors are available in different bore diameters and frame sizes. Choose from a wide range of these high-performance motors and other Autonics products, such as panel meters, analogue / digital temperature controllers, and digital counters, on Raptor Supplies, one of the authorised Autonics distributors.

  • Counters
Used to display and control pulse signals received from input devices in manufacturing lines and automation systems. Feature a 4- / 5- / 6- / 8-digit LCD or LED display and offered in different power ratings
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Digital Panel Meters
  • Digital Panel Meters
Highly accurate Autonics digital panel meters designed to read and display different inputs (including current, voltage and pressure). Available in LED and backlit LCD display options
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Digital Panel Mount Thermometers
  • Digital Panel Mount Thermometers
Includes 4-digit, 7-segment LED temperature indicators that can measure temperatures ranging from -148 to 2192 degrees F
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Electronic Timers
  • Electronic Timers
Ideal for delayed switching applications in control, starting and protection circuits. Feature an easy to check and change the program setting, daylight saving time function and customisable unit time setting, and can be easily mounted on a DIN rail with base plate
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Products (2)
Fiber Optic Sensors
  • Fiber Optic Sensors
Ideal for detecting fast-moving objects and can also be used for relaying signals to PLCs or PMCs for further processing. Feature slim and compact design, a single or dual 4-digit LED display and high response speed
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Hour Meters
  • Hour Meters
Bracket-mounted hour meters designed to track how long has a machine been in operation. Feature an 8-digit LCD display, an internal lithium battery and no-voltage / free voltage input signal method
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Motion Control Couplings
  • Motion Control Couplings
Intended to facilitate precise transmission of torque, angular positioning and velocity, and suitable for applications with metering devices, medical equipment and robots. Feature plastic construction and offered in different bore diameters, overall lengths and screw sizes
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Products (3)
Motor Accessories
  • Motor Accessories
Includes UL-listed and RoHS-compliant stepper motor ribbon cables for use with stepper motor drivers 5PFF4, 5PFF5, 5PFF6 and 5PFF7; and stepper motor motion controllers 5PFF8 and 5PFF9. Designed to connect driver to the controller and available in different lengths
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Panel Meter Accessories
  • Panel Meter Accessories
Includes high-quality panel-mount brackets designed for use with PSAN Series pressure sensors
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Panel Mount Tachometers
  • Panel Mount Tachometers
Suitable for measuring frequency, revolution, absolute ratio or speed. Feature a 5-digit, 7-segment LED to display readings in different units (including rpm, rps, Hz, kHz, sec and min) and offered in different input voltage ratings
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Products (6)
Photoelectric Area Sensors
  • Photoelectric Area Sensors
Includes area sensors with a quick response time and distance detection up to 7 m. Ideal for detecting objects moving in restricted areas and available in different IP ratings and heights
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Products (16)
Photoelectric Sensor Cables
  • Photoelectric Sensor Cables
Designed for use with photoelectric or proximity sensors to ensure accurate signal or data transmission. Feature a polyethylene sheath and threaded tip, and can operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit
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Products (5)
Photoelectric Sensors
  • Photoelectric Sensors
Includes a wide range relay, NPN and PNP circuit type Autonics photoelectric sensors that can operate at temperatures ranging from -13 to 149 degrees F. Available in different lengths and body materials
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Products (37)
Pressure Switch Transducer Combinations
  • Pressure Switch Transducer Combinations
Includes CE-certified pressure sensors that can measure and display oil, liquid and gas pressures. Feature peak value monitoring, high display resolution, chattering prevention, zero-point adjustment and a maximum operating pressure of 217.5 psi
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Products (14)
Proximity Sensors and Switches
  • Proximity Sensors and Switches
Includes various capacitive and inductive Autonics proximity sensors in different diameters and lengths. Ideal for applications requiring non-contact detection
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Products (60)
Rotary Encoders
  • Rotary Encoders
Includes shaft type / hollow-shaft type Autonics rotary encoders for tracking the position of a rotating shaft. Offered in different cable lengths and shaft diameters
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Products (44)
Sensor Cordsets
  • Sensor Cordsets
NEMA 6P / 4X extension cordsets and area sensor emitter and receiver cordsets designed for use with proximity sensors and rotary encoders. Can operate in temperatures ranging from -22 to 176 degrees F and available in different cable lengths
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Products (20)
Stepper Motor Controllers
  • Stepper Motor Controllers
CE-approved and RoHS-compliant stepper motor controllers compatible with both 2- and 5-phase motion control systems. Feature 12 control commands, 64 different steps of operation, 4 operation modes and a maximum output pulse frequency of 4 Mpps
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Stepper Motor Drivers
  • Stepper Motor Drivers
Two- and five-phase MD Series stepper motor drivers designed to offer high-precision positioning and slow rotations. Feature adjustable run / stop current, self-diagnosis test function and input pulse frequency of up to 1000 kpps
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Products (3)
Stepper Motors
  • Stepper Motors
Two- / five-phase high-performance stepper motors featuring high-holding torque and toothed electromagnets. Suitable for use in automotive gauges, automated production equipment, medical scanners and digital cameras
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