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Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Aurand scarifier distributor, offers its complete range of products, such as air, gas and electric powered scarifiers that come supplied with various accessories like cutter blades and brushes. We can recommend suitable scarifier blades for accommodating a range of surface cleaning applications.


These Aurand commercial scarifiers are small in size and require compact packaging. These Aurand scarifiers are suitable for courier shipment and air freight.

About Aurand

The brand's catalogue includes electric, pneumatic and gas powered scarifiers, floor sanders, cutters and wire brushes. Aurand air powered scarifiers are designed for removing paint, epoxy & rust from metal & concrete surfaces, without sandblasting from beams, large pipes, oil platform surfaces, bridge structures and marine towing equipment. These air scarifiers have a lever throttle and variable speed control for controlling the rotor speed, ensuring precise control. Aurand air powered scarifiers have integrated safety locks to prevent the rotor from moving if the user accidentally hits the trigger. This safety lock feature also prevents the chances of damage to the air scarifier. These pneumatic scarifiers have Palm-Grip handle for minimising user fatigue over prolonged usage. Their air powered design prevents the requirement for frequent maintenances as these scarifiers have minimum moving parts like pistons, toggles and small reciprocating parts.

Aurand floor sanders are designed for cleaning hard accumulations from walkways, concrete floors and pavements. These floor sanders have integrated handle & rubber tire arrangements for providing stand up operation and high manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Their handle design ensures that users can easily control the cleaning operation with precision. They feature adjustable depth shoe that ensures uniform cleaning action by limiting the impact of the cutter. This adjustable depth shoe also protects the surface that is being cleaned.

Aurand Competitive Advantages

Aurand line remover floor cleaners

Aurand line remover floor cleaners

Aurand line remover floor cleaners are designed for efficiently removing painted lines from large flat areas. These floor cleaners feature a heavy duty electric / gasoline motor that allows the user to perform cleaning operations for extended periods without fatigue. Their rotating heads clean hard accumulation from walkways and concrete floors wit...

h ease. Aurand line remover floor cleaners feature large rubber tires to ensure high manoeuvrability in tight spaces and have a long stem & handle arrangement to provide stand up operation. These floor cleaners can also remove the eggshell surface from the concrete surface to ensure proper paint adhesion.

Aurand dust collector attachments

Aurand dust collector attachments

Aurand dust collector attachments are used in conjunction with vacuum machines for collecting the generated dust / debris from the scarifiers. These dust collectors are attached to the rotating heads of the scarifier & connected to a vacuum machine for collecting & storing the dust in a container for disposal. These attachments can be easily attach...

ed to the scarifier head. Once installed, these scarifiers leave minimum room for the dust & debris to escape from underneath the scarifiers body gap.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Aurand electric & pneumatic scarifiers?

Aurand offers pneumatic and electric powered scarifiers for removing accumulation from hard surfaces. Unlike their electric counterparts, Aurand pneumatic scarifiers are free from various moving parts, such as pistons, toggles and small reciprocating parts. This feature of air powered scarifiers ensures no unwanted vibrational output, thereby minimising the noise output and user fatigue over prolonged usage. Aurand electric scarifiers are powered by 115 / 230V AC / DC electric motors. These electric scarifiers are available in a range of power options (1/4, 1/2 & 2.5HP variants).

What are Aurand gas-powered floor cleaners?

Aurand gas powered floor cleaners are machines designed for cleaning painted lines. These machines remove painted lines from concrete floors & walkways, blacktops and concrete pavements. These line remover floor cleaners feature a large rotating head with a wire brush arrangement for cleaning hard accumulations from floors. These gas powered cleaners have ball bearing type, hand pull starters for manually starting the floor cleaner motor before operation. Aurand gas powered floor cleaners have large rubber tires and a handle arrangement for manoeuvring through tight locations. This tire & handle design also minimises user fatigue over prolonged usage.

What air line should be connected to Aurand air powered scarifiers?

A suitable air line to supply air intake to the scarifier should have automatic filtering and lubrication. The automatic filtering from the supply side ensures that the air supplied is free from any contaminations and debris that may damage the scarifier motor. The automatic lubrication ensures that there is minimum friction inside the air motor. Additionally, the compressed air supplied to the motor should be free from any traces of moisture that can also cause damage to the air motor. Minimum 3/8 inch inside diameter hose is suitable to connect to the air line.

What safety precautions do we take while using Aurand scarifiers?

  • User should wear protective safety glasses as the rotating blades can scatter the debris. Hearing protection should be worn when working for prolonged periods.
  • User should grasp both handles of the scarifier and must raise the heavy front of the tool from the surface.
  • Before applying to the surface, user should squeeze the trigger of the scarifier and must allow the cutter to come up to speed.
  • User should use both hands to guide the cleaning tool in a forward & backward motion for ensuring complete area coverage & thorough cleaning.
  • User should never apply pressure to the tool as this slows down the motor speed and causes damage to the cutter bundles, gears and motor.

How to replace the cutter bundles on Aurand scarifiers?

  • User should install the washer & cotter pin on both ends of the spindle. The cutter tips of the scarifier must point in the direction of rotation.
  • Next, user should slide the cutter bundle felt & cutter bundle from the spindle.
  • Slide the new cutter bundles & cutter bundle felt on the spindle. The large round hole should face the side plate. Additionally, the cutter tips should point in the direction of rotation.
  • Lastly, user should install the washer & cotter pins on both ends of the spindle.

Does the brand offer additional accessories for the scarifiers?

Aurand also offers various scarifier accessories including spare kits and cutter bundles for replacing the worn out cutter bundles on the electric, gas and air powered scarifiers. The brand also offers various scarifier parts like couplings, spindles, cutter bundle felts, worm shafts, spring washers, brush holer caps and retainer plate screw for replacing worn out parts on scarifiers.