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Aurand is a leading manufacturer of surface preparation, rust and paint removal tools, made exclusively in the USA since the 1930s; Raptor Supplies is an official Aurand distributor. Their tools are designed to remove paint, rust and epoxy from metal and concrete surfaces without the adverse affects of sandblasting. Aurand's handheld deck scarifier / deck crawler range is available in both electric (110v and 230v) or pneumatic versions for both light and heavy-duty applications. Their tools are used as concrete grinders, paint chippers, deck scalers or paint removers by the marine, offshore and manufacturing industries as well as the US Coast Guard and navel fleets from all over the world. Aurand's tools are versatile and can be used to remove virtually any rust or scale from most hard surfaces.

  • Air Scarifier Accessories
Include cutter guards, screws, bolts and retaining rings. Help in eliminating mastids, alkyds and epoxy from surfaces like concrete and metal
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Products (267)
  • Air Scarifiers
Handheld, pneumatic cleaning tools used in surface preparation work, such as roughing up concrete, deck and ship hull surfaces
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Products (8)
  • Electric Scarifier Accessories
Used with handheld electric scarifiers and include various cutter bundles
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Products (3)
  • Electric Scarifiers
Surface finishing power tools, used to remove adhesives, paints and other coatings from concrete and brick surfaces. Also remove rust from metal surfaces
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Products (16)
  • Floor Sanders
Used for removing and polishing floor surfaces by sanding with abrasive materials
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