Associated Spring Raymond is a leading provider of mechanical wire springs and flat springs, such as compression springs, die springs, extension springs and disc springs. The brand's carbon steel / stainless-steel disc springs are made as per DIN specifications and used to generate high force with minimal deflection when compressed. Compression springs are open-coiled, helical springs made of a round wire that creates a load when compressed, resulting in a shorter spring after the load is applied. The Associated Spring Raymond catalogue also includes steel-made extension springs that are offered in different deflection loads, end types, materials, outside diameters and overall lengths. A wide range of these extension springs is available on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Associated Spring Raymond distributor.

Compression and Die Springs
Used in valves, electrical switches, clutches, brakes, farm machinery, aircraft and a wide range of medium and heavy-duty applications. Available in hole sizes and compressed lengths of up to 2 and 4.160 inches, respectively
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Disc Springs
Used where high load and / or low displacement is required in flange bolting, shock absorption and similar applications. Available in carbon steel and stainless-steel variants
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Extension Springs
Provide a force to return the spring to the resting length when extended. Offered in a variety of materials and can be easily mounted using spring anchors.Designed within proper stress levels and manufacturing limits
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