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Air Systems International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of safety equipment used in industrial, construction, defence and hazardous work settings. The Air Systems Confined Space and Ventilation catalogue includes ventilation ducting, electric fans and blowers, heaters and Venturi blowers. The brand's Grade-D Filtration Products range includes portable air filtration systems that meet OSHA 1910.134 and Canadian Z180.1 breathing air standards and are designed to create a safer work environment. The Breather Box from Air Systems International is an effective portable breathing system used for providing Grade-D quality air to a specific number of workers. The brand's confined space Venturi blowers use compressed air or saturated steam as a power source to extract hazardous fumes / vapours and are ideal for use in underground storage tanks and other below-the-ground locations. With a sturdy galvanised steel body and aluminium base, Air Systems Venturi blowers offer effective extraction across refineries, power plants and steel industries. Air Systems also manufactures air cylinder carts, multi air command kits, SCBA storage products, fume extractors and HEPA vacuums.

  • Air Cleaner Filters
Products (24)
  • Air Cleaners
Products (1)
  • Air Powered Confined Space Fans and Blowers
Includes heavy-duty confined space fans and centrifugal blowers used for maintaining the air / gas flow required for different ventilating, exhausting and cooling applications in hazardous locations. Available in steel and aluminium variants
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Products (4)
  • Airline Cooling Systems
Designed to provide low-cost breathing air solutions at any location and for cooling Level A chemical suits and supplied-air hoods. Compatible with all Grade-D compressed air sources (up to 125 psi) and do not require noisy vortex cooling tubes
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Products (2)
  • Airline Filtration and CO Monitors
Have a maximum operating pressure of 5000 psi and can be attached with any compressed breathing air source to monitor the concentration of CO gas. Useful in alarming users when the level of CO exceeds 10 ppm
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Products (71)
  • Breathing Air Cylinder Carts
Designed for emergency response, fire and rescue, and hazardous working conditions. Feature fold-down handles, I / O pressure gauges, a low-pressure alarm, a high-flow regulator, quick-release hose racks, inline check valves and a steel frame with black powder coat finish
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Products (78)
  • Cart Covers
Products (1)
  • Cascade Airline Kits and Manifolds
Includes regulators, outlet manifold assemblies, low-pressure whistles, relief valves and connecting whips with check valves. Have a maximum operating pressure of 4500 psi
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Products (19)
  • Confined Space Fan and Blower Accessories
Includes heavy-duty blower wheels featuring an aluminium construction and a locking key. Designed for use with all SVB Series blowers
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Products (2)
  • Confined Space Heaters
UL-listed and CSA-certified heaters with an aluminium frame and steel control box. Used with confined space fans to heat the incoming air to up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Feature inlet and exhaust flange of 8-inch diameter and are ideal for use in manholes and other confined spaces
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Products (1)
  • Confined Space Ventilation Duct Accessories
Ideal for applications with confined space ducts, blowers, fans and ventilation kits. Include duct connectors, ventilation duct carriers, Vent Flow alarms, filter elements, inlet filter holders, Saddle Vent mounts and 90-degrees elbows
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Products (16)
  • Confined Space Ventilation Ducting
Includes a wide range of ducting and venting solutions used for effective removal of harmful air contaminants while lowering the overall heating costs by maximising energy efficiency. Offered in different materials, diameters and lengths
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Products (21)
  • Confined Space Venturi Blowers
Designed to eliminate hazardous fumes or vapours from the air stream, especially in high-temperature environments. Feature a steel handle, a cast-aluminium base, a galvanised steel horn and a standard static grounding lug
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Products (7)
  • Cord Adapters
Products (12)
  • Drum Dollies
Products (1)
  • Electric Confined Space Fans and Blowers
Designed to facilitate circulation of clean and fresh air in confined spaces and remove hazardous fumes and smoke from work area. Available in different housings, hp ratings and voltage specifications
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Products (91)
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