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Asco is a leading manufacturer of quality fluid control products, ranging from two-position ON / OFF valves to entire flow control solutions. The company's product catalogue includes air, oil and water solenoid valves; fuel, oil and gas solenoid valves; plastic solenoid valves; and steam and hot water solenoid valves. These products are fast-switching and are used to control air, gas, water, chemical and oil flow in medical equipment, analytical instrumentation and industrial applications. Asco solenoid valves are made from stainless steel / aluminium / brass and feature two-way manual operating / three-way diverting construction. Some Asco valves have a slow-closing, quick-exhaust design and are explosion-proof. While the brand's high-flow valves are ideal for corrosive and inert gas service, its cryogenic solenoid valves are preferred for frozen food and genetic preservation applications. Asco also manufactures various angle body piston valves, air-operated valves, solenoid valve coils and electro hydraulic actuated shut-off valves. Choose from a wide range of these products on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Asco solenoid valve distributor.

  • Air Oil and Water Solenoid Valves
Used to control the flow of air / inert gas, light oil and water in chemical, medical and oil industries. Available in durable explosion-proof / watertight models and feature fast response time
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Products (111)
  • Air Operated Valves
Use auxiliary compressed air or water to move and feature a unique seal to isolate the pilot air pressure from the mainline fluid. Can handle fluid temperatures up to 200 degrees F
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Products (6)
  • Angle Body Piston Valves
Pressure-operated valves designed for handling aggressive fluids, such as steam, hot water, solvents and light slurries. Available in normally closed and normally open variants
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Products (11)
  • Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
Direct-acting brass valves featuring PTFE or clad-copper seals capable of controlling cryogenic fluids (liquid nitrogen) of temperatures up to -320 degrees F
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Products (1)
  • Electrohydraulic Actuated Shut-Off Valves
Gas-shutoff valves ideal for use with commercial-grade burners, furnaces and dehydrators. Feature a heavy-duty spring-return mechanism to close the valve tightly upon interruption, and an oil-immersed motor for reducing wear
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Products (1)
  • Fuel Oil and Gas Solenoid Valves
High-quality aluminium / brass solenoid valves designed for use in industrial furnaces, ovens, burners and boilers to control the flow of all grades of fuel, gas and oil. Feature pipe taps, visual indication and motorised shut-off
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Products (33)
  • Parts
Includes O-rings, caps, springs, clips, friction rings, core assemblies and other replacements parts and rebuild kits for the repair of different solenoid valves
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Products (177)
  • Pilot Solenoid Valves
NEMA-rated valves designed for use with corrosive liquids and inert gases in industrial-water control and laundry equipment. Require a minimum differential pressure of 30 psi to keep the valves open
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Products (6)
  • Plastic Solenoid Valves
Highly reliable 2-way / 2-position plastic solenoid valves used to release, distribute and mix fluids in several chemical and plumbing applications. Feature normally open / normally close construction
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Products (32)
  • Solenoid Valve Coils
Continuous-duty replacement coils designed to operate at 10 or 15 percent below the nominal voltage (110 / 120 VAC)
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Products (3)
  • Steam and Hot Water Solenoid Valves
Ideal for high-temperature fluid applications in laundries, moulding operations, steam atomisation and sterilisers. Can withstand temperatures up to 140 degrees F and feature high flow capacity
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Products (21)