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About Artu

ARTU is a leading innovator of high-quality hand tools used on job sites or in production facilities. Its extensive catalogue includes multi-purpose drill bits, cobalt drill bits, porcelain pro bits, spline shanks, tungsten carbide grit hole saws and tungsten carbide grit saw blades. ARTU drill bits are designed for cutting through hard metals such as stainless steel & cast iron, as well as softer materials. These drill bits feature industrial-strength cobalt construction to offer excellent rigidity, hardness & heat resistance and split-point to minimise end thrust. They come in a self-centring design for faster penetration and accurate starting even if no centre punch is present. Tungsten carbide grit hacksaw blades from ARTU fit standard hacksaw frames and can cut via both the forward and back strokes. These blades feature an extra-wide design for straight-line cutting.